I feel like a million bucks every time I wear this $17 item, so I buy more

Sitting around the house decadent lingerie is a next level luxury experience and I have done it so many times. However, I have cursed myself with a love of mirrors, so my apartment is full of them. This experience can occasionally lead to me becoming a bit insecure when I spend too much time in front of them without being fully clothed. Not only that, but for comfort, I prefer lounging in something a little more covered than a traditional bra and panty set. That’s how I fell in love with wearing my silk robe as much as possible.

My favorite time to wear mine is when I’m “glamming up” for a night out or a special event. After a quick shower, instead of immediately putting on my formal attire, I throw on a robe and finish my hair and makeup while listening to one of my favorite songs, which right now is anything by Bad Bunny. For that reason, I tell everyone I know how exciting it is to wear a silk robe. Below you will find 30 that are currently in my shopping cart.

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