23 Signet rings that make you seem twice as interesting

For all leaps and bounds men’s jewelry movement has taken over the past few years—Harry Styles in pearls! Lil Nas X in dangling earrings! All the immeasurably encapsulated rappers that populate our YouTube channel!—the very best way to start encapsulating yourself, as it was, remains the same: with a signet ring. For ages, as far back as Mesopotamia all the way to the smoky back rooms of Midcentury Little Italy, men’s signet rings were worn as a marker of great status and wealth. In 2022, you don’t have to be a baron or a lord or a mafia consigliere to slip on a cool-as-hell ring. They’re more accessible than ever, sculptural minimalist clean or over-the-top baroque or somewhere in between, all with the exact same effect: making you seem just that little bit more mysterious and confident, more tasteful, more worth cross the room to talk to at a party. Whether you’re adding to a growing collection of well-cut gemstones or just getting into the jewelry game, here are the 23 best signet rings for men to stack on both hands.

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