I’ve tried pretty much every popular scent out there – these 30 are worth it

I have always been one of those who love perfume and smell. When we talk about the cherry on top of an outfit, people often think of shoes or a good pair of sunglasses, which are important parts of an outfit, don’t get me wrong, but the real cherry on top is a fantastic fragrance. Your scent says as much about you as your outfit choice does. I love fragrance so much that I carry a travel size perfume in my purse with me everywhere I go. I also believe in mixing perfumes. Certain brands, such as Jo Malone London, are designed to be mixed and matched with their entire collection of fragrances. I personally love the combination of sage and sea salt mixed with English pear and freesia. I’m currently wearing a mix of Rose 31 from Le Labo and Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming. They balance each other so well, with the Le Labo perfume being slightly smoky and masculine, and the Dior light and sweet.

Certain scents gain attention fragrance lovers and become cult favourites. Some that come to mind are Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge or Le Labo’s Santal 33. Now when I hear about a new fragrance that everyone can’t get enough of, I have to be the judge myself. I have high standards when it comes to perfume and I have to really love a fragrance to spend the money on it, especially considering that good fragrances usually don’t come cheap.

For me to invest in the right fragrance, it must check four main fields. It should last a long time (for me it’s at least five to six months), it should be sweet but not overpowering so you could mistake me for a high school cheer captain, it should be slightly woody or smoky. but not so you mistake me for someone’s grandfather and it has to have character and personality. I rounded up 30 scents that I’ve tried and think are worth the hype and have earned the “cult-favorite scent” title, including all of my current favorites that are sitting on my vanity as I write this.

Keep scrolling to see which scents made the cut.

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