Margot Robbie wore the very shoe trend guaranteed to take off in 2023

It’s official: Margot Robbie has entered her Bottega Veneta era and takes her red carpet looks to new heights. In fact, the Aussie movie star broke out in the brand new Bottega Veneta Mostra Pumps in London at a photo call promoting her latest film, Babylon.

With a 2″ platform and a 5.7″ heel, these loafers are anything but casual. And maybe that’s the point. That loafer trend has gained steam over the past few years, and the platform heel is just the next step in its evolution.

Inspired by Robbie’s latest look (we love a power suit on Red carpet), we have selected ten loafers that will give any outfit a leg up. Heels range from a very wearable 3.75″ to a towering 6″ making this trend a fit for even the most petite and statuesque shoppers. So what are you waiting for? Step into it!

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