Winter’s best topcoats are bigger, badder and bolder than ever before

When temperatures are low (but not, for example, doubling-on-the-thermal underwear low), the best topcoats for men are the only outer layer you need. True, there are plenty top class coats to choose from right now—peacoats, puffer, parkas, similar. But in the great hierarchy of cold-weather outerwear, the topcoat reigns supreme. Why? Because none of the other options offer quite the same package deal as their baller-like counterpart.

The right topcoat should combine your confidence-boosting qualities finest tailoring– that je ne sais quoi that makes you stand a little more upright, walk a little taller – with the kind of timeless good looks favored by history’s most advanced dressers. They’ve been a staple of men’s style since the world’s aristocrats strutted around in stovepipe hats and towering stiff collars, and over the years they haven’t lost an iota of their allure. Owns a T-shirt, washed denim and Chelsea boots? Throw one of these heavy duty bad boys over almost any permutation of the three and you’ve successfully unlocked a foolproof winter fit.

Think of them as the wintertime equivalent of Photoshop: They’ll give your outfit structure and drape in a way that shorter jackets never could, and make everything you pair them with suddenly look a lot more considered. (Just imagine one billowing behind you like Batman’s cape as he dives head first into the seedy underbelly of Gotham!) In other words, it’s damn near impossible does not to look cool with one.

To help you layer up like the hero you are, we delved into the freshest, flowiest, and all-around best men’s topcoats on the market right now.

The best shopping guide for topcoats

The best double-layered topcoats

Single-breasted topcoats are beautiful, but their double-breasted counterparts are straightforward royal and the best of them should make you feel like a king – or at least a lord of your small, cramped domain. (If you’re picturing some kind of elongated peacoat, you’re thinking along the right lines.) Some versions lean on dense melton wool to double down on their chill-busting prowess, while others come made in wildly decadent cashmere blends. for actual royalty. No matter what you jump for, the overlapping front panels will keep you swaddled and safe, wrapped in womb-like bliss all winter long.

COS double-breasted herringbone coat

De Bonne Invoice Grandad coat

The best Camel Topcoats

The camel topcoat earned its pride of place on this list the old-fashioned way: it inherited it—probably from an eternally elegant older relative, who in turn inherited it from one of his own. There’s a reason this topcoat is a great family heirloom, and it has a lot to do with the style’s generational cool. At its most powerful, the camel topcoat imbues its wearer—no matter how frail—with the kind of swagger that comes with being the carefree heir to a dubious fortune. If you’re not sure which topcoat to buy, camel spring isn’t the most cutting-edge feature, but you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel to dress like your great-grandfather was Henry Ford.

Todd Snyder Italian wool double-breasted officer topcoat

Uniqlo Chesterfield coat in cashmere wool

The best trench coats

If you looked up ‘topcoat’ in the dictionary, you probably wouldn’t find a photo of a trench next to it. But you will definitely fall for the style in plenty of photos from the topcoat’s family gathering. The prototypical knee-length rain licker shares enough DNA to enter the topcoat family tree, but it differs from its relatives when it comes to substance. Most topcoats are made from some sort of thick wool or wool-blend material, but trench coats are often cut from a lighter twill or gabardine for added water repellency. They’re generally not as warm as their cold cousins, but you can find plenty of versions with built-in insulation or removable liners for extra heat retention.

Percival Waterproof Sherlock Coat

Raey oversized cotton and recycled nylon light mac

Arc’teryx Veilance Monitor Coat

The Best Navy Topcoats

Do you love wearing your navy blue blazer all year round? (Good on you, sir!) Consider the navy blue topcoat your most trusted business casual layer on steroids. At its core, it combines the unmatched versatility of its shorter counterpart with the blizzard-protective powers of the finest winter outerwear. And we’re not the only ones who think so. Today, you can score a version of the style via an ever-expanding selection of brands, from the reigning kings of accessible French minimalism to the Scandinavian suiting that sizzles behind the kind of deluded tailored menswear fans.

Men’s single-breasted coat

The best black topcoats

All the coolest things come in black: Jay-Z albums, mall goth nail polishes, the kind of jackets favored by rock royalty and Hollywood megastars alike. Topcoats are no exception. Choose one in black if you want to flex its fuzzy texture or distinct cut – without color getting in the way, fabric and silhouette steal the limelight. Everyone now: This is not a phase, Mom!

Engineered Garments Pilot Liner Jacket

Acne Studios quilted coat

The best gray topcoats

What makes the gray topcoat worthy of inclusion on this list? The great multitude of shades the color includes, for one thing. Right now, you can get a topcoat in a light, airy gray like a fresh snowfall, or in a dark lightning gray like said snowfall after it’s spent the better part of a week accumulating on the street. What do they all have in common? A certain crispness in cold weather you won’t find in their camel, navy or black brothers.

Knickerbocker “Charlie” overcoat

Polo Ralph Lauren wool tweed Balmacaan coat

Stòffa herringbone merino wool topcoat

The best plaid topcoats

The colors are cool and all, but when it comes to smoothing out your cold weather, the rotation patterns are where it’s at. From bold glen plaids to subtle microchecks, there are a ton of premium options out there, courtesy of big name designers (if you’re looking to splurge) and mall brand staples (if you’re looking to save a little scratch before your New Year’s trip to Medellin). No matter how much you lose, nothing will increase the gain more than an early morning bodega run fit, and nothing will look better than your nicest winter blazer.

Abercrombie wool blend mac coat

Polo Ralph Lauren Morehouse Collection Polo coat

Oliver Spencer Grandpa Plaid Wool Overcoat with Belt

Kestin Edinburgh virgin overcoat in wool blend

The Best Statement Topcoats

Big, responsible and the one piece of outerwear you need to outshine everyone else at the dinner table – this is exactly the type of coat you should refuse to take off, no matter how close you get to the heat lamp. Your normie friends might give you a few sideways glances, but that’s why you’re swaddled in a month’s rent of luxurious designer fabric while they count down the seconds until they can ditch the scratchy woolen abominations they moved in with . No need to leave this guy open so you can see the fit: dude, that *is* the fit.

Collina Strada quilted padded coat in crushed velvet

Prada double-breasted wool coat

Todd Snyder Italian Reversible Shearling Overcoat

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