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Shaving: the moment a boy becomes a man. A rite of passage that can leave you pretty cut up – quite literally. Like most things in life, good technique comes with experiencebut a well-made razor will go a long way towards ensuring the smoothest, closest shave.

Since you are literally putting a blade to your own throat, there is no excuse for lack of care when choosing your weapon. Some basics: you want a razor that can glide over the contours of your face and remove hair without leaving your skin looking like it’s been attacked by a cheese grater. The quality of the blades is more important than the quantity of them (otherwise we would have razors with 30 odd blades by now).

Maneuverability is also key. You definitely don’t want to go over the same patch over and over again. To skip a harsh, leathery look after too much shaving, look for lubrication features like a moisture strip that will soothe and help repair your skin while you shave (not to mention, indicate roughly when the blade is lethargic).

“Since shaving is such a personal thing, the importance of the right razor is second to none. Both the weight and shape of the razor will affect your shave, how you use the razor and how it glides over the skin,” says Chris Beastall, founder by the renowned men’s grooming blog Monkey to gentleman. “Be sure to try a few different handles before you even start looking at blades. Also remember that blades vary in weight, which affects the sharpness of the blade.”

To be wrong in front of the bathroom mirror can result in a rash that looks like aggressive acne, so once you’ve chosen your razor, there are also some general guidelines for shaving. Showering before shaving will open your pores and minimize redness as a result. Doing so also means your skin will be clean, which will help ward off irritation (or worse, infections) caused by dirt.

If you shave every day or every other day, it’s advisable to change the blade every three weeks or so, he says Menu creative director, Lloyd Hughes. “As a rule of thumb, if you feel like you’re putting pressure on the skin to achieve a close shave, it’s time to change – [otherwise] you can damage the skin and cause additional problems like razor rash.”

How to care for your shaver

Thorough cleaning after every shave is a must. The leaves can become a haven for bacteria, and if there is hair that clogs them, on your face so be it.

When washing your shaver, never bang it to get the hair out. This can change the alignment of the blades and loosen the structure. Not what you want when you’ve spent good money on the perfect shaver.

Another faux pas is drying it on a towel. Although you may think you are extending the life of your blade, you are not. Air drying is the best option. Plus, that towel probably isn’t as clean as you tell yourself.

If you have the money and the inclination, get a new blade for every shave, says Hughes. “Razors are often sold on the idea of ​​being used for up to three or four shaves, depending on the stubble and how thick it is. However, I would recommend that you only use them once, especially if you suffer from irritation. Use it , bin, put a new one on. It ensures a clean, sharp shave every time.”

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The best razors for men


It doesn’t seem like a natural progression for a pen company to expand into razors, but Bics’ disposable razors have been a quick and easy favorite since the mid-seventies. The fact that the company’s name has become a byword for the act of shaving should tell you that generations of men have trusted these disposable blades to get the job done.

However, the company is also slowly evolving into a more durable area, and its Flex 4 shaver is a perfect example of this. It has four blades and a swivel head to better maneuver the contours of your face.

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Rockwell shaver

If you’re looking to invest in a new shaver or want to switch (finally), it’s worth the investment to get the full package. Although there are many good options for mixing and matching, you can often save more money by buying everything together.

What makes this package especially worth it is shaving bowl and brushes, these extra pieces will really ensure that your shave is as comfortable as possible.

Of course, the shining star of this set is the T2 scraper from Rockwell. This safety shaver has a ‘twist-to-open’ mechanism that makes changing the blades incredibly easy. It also has an adjustable shave setting so you can get your perfect shave every time.

Pro tip: Rockwell’s adjustable shaving settings make it easier for beginners to get into the game and skip the hiccups and learning curve.

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A constantly evolving brand that aims to stay at the height of innovation. It’s sometimes easy to laugh at its exaggerated advertising, but the fact is that Gillette spends more money on research and development than any other shaving company. That’s why they work.

ProGlide offers a masterfully close shave with ease. The much talked about FlexBall technology gives the shaver easy maneuverability over granite jawlines and softer features, with the thin blades providing a close shave for sensitive skin. Perfect for beginners and professionals.

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Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor for Men

Harry’s (subscription service)

Rather than offering a range of off-the-shelf razors, Harry’s is a US-based subscription service that recently expanded to the UK. Its growth is due to the reliability of two affordable shavers, engineered to the highest standard and good looking enough to be displayed on the bathroom shelf.

With five blades, a flexible hinge and a precision trimmer, the Winston shaver incorporates ergonomic design with flawless performance in a polished zinc and chrome finish.

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The king of shaves

This well-established British brand takes a “no frills” approach to razors in the sense that its products are practical, effective and affordable. Its founder created the company in 1993 because he couldn’t find a razor with a soft enough touch for his own sensitive skin.

The blades are made in Japan, where they know a thing or two about sharp steel, but today’s range also offers a modern touch. The Hyperglide, for example, offers more in the way of lubrication thanks to a patented ‘superhydrophilic’ coating (read: really really slippery) across the entire surface of the blade. The flexible head allows for a closer shave and there is a trimming blade on the back of the cartridge for edging and defining.

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King of Shaves Hyperglide System Razor


Philips is slowly making inroads into the clean-shaven market with a product that truly stands apart from anything else in the men’s grooming aisle. The OneBlade is a razor-cum-trimmer with (no prizes for guessing) a blade capable of moving 200 times per second. This hybrid means you can trim (with three different comb lengths), edge and shave without pulling or leaving a razor.

It is a good option if you switch between designer stubs, shorter beards and clean-shaven looks, plus it can be used wet or dry and, refreshingly, the blade is designed to last up to four months. Value for money? We think so.

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Philips OneBlade

Wilkinson sword

Dealers in sabers and guns, Wilkinson Sword has insider knowledge to spare when it comes to making a razor that cuts a close shave. The company made its first safety razor in 1962 and more than half a century later, its German-made blades are still hard to beat.

The Hydro 5 is the pick of the current range with its hydrating gel strip that works to pump moisture back into the skin as it moves across. The five-blade design also features guards that prevent irritation by preventing hair from getting caught between the blades.

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Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Shaver


It might not be as recognizable a name as some on this list, but Dorco is a 60-year-old family business that has spent years perfecting the art of razors. Manufactured in the technology hub that is South Korea, the company has a history of innovation and also creates own-brand products for supermarkets around the world.

The slim Dorco Classic razor is the world’s first seven-blade razor with a strip infused with nourishing oils and antioxidants to soothe the skin while it works. Best of all, its ergonomic design promises you won’t be found over the same area twice.

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Dorco Classic shaver

Bolin Webb

There are certain iconic British brands to be proud of and Bolin Webb is one of them. The company is a series award winner, revered for its uncompromising approach to design and the quality of its materials.

If ever there was a razor to proudly display in your bathroom, Bolin Webb’s X1 Carbon and Stand is it. The Lamborghini of razors, the body features a carbon fiber top panel often found in luxury cars, capped off with a Gillette Fusion blade. Naturally. There are more affordable options in the range, but they all adhere to the same sleek aesthetic and come with a warranty of up to five years.

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Bolin Webb X1 Carbon and stand

Cornerstone (subscription service)

The very definition of sleek minimalism, the Cornerstone scraper looks sophisticated without sacrificing performance. The five blades are made from Japanese chrome steel and are designed to minimize irritation, while an aloe vera strip soothes the skin as you walk.

Available through the company’s customized subscription service, you get the products you need delivered to your door at regular intervals based on how often you shave.

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Cornerstone subscription service

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