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10 of the best duck boots for men ready for any adventure (2022 edition) | FashionBeans

What should a man do when faced with heavy rain, solidified mud, deep snow or that annoying intermittent slush? You open your laptop, read this article on the best duck boots for men, and then get yourself a pair.

Of all men’s boots, the duck boot has a special place in a man’s wardrobe (and heart) for its instantly recognizable aesthetic and superb practical wetway properties. Before we dive into the best that is available on the world-wide-web at the moment, first a little trip back to Maine in 1911.

It’s hunting season and a man named Leon Leonwood Bean is out in the woods of Maine. That day, like many before, he returned home with soaked feet. Only this time he has a brilliant idea to start (pun intended). His leather boots were not up to the task of waterproofing. But the logical alternative with fully rubber-coated boots lacked good fit, comfort and style.

So he sewed the bottom half of a rubber boot to the top half of a leather boot and invented the “Maine Hunting Shoe” or “Maine Hiking Shoe”. It was later abbreviated to “The Bean Boot” and is now known in everyday speech as men’s duck boots.

There are various theories about its name. The grooved rubber looks like a duck soap. The heel lifts the sole from the floor in the same piece of soap as a duck’s body. The water-repellent gloss of rubber mimics the other’s natural amphibian. Although the boot may not have exceeded its nominal stupidity, it is now a regular boot for all kinds of weather and has maintained its popularity since its debut in 1912.

From the unusually traditional to the modern, chic and urban, we have water-repellent duck boots for men for the woods of Maine or the Michelin restaurants in NYC. This collection of soaked-terrain-striking-water-aces will make you spin with excitement. Here are the best duck boots for men.

This pair sits at the classic end of the range of duck boots for men. We love the angular, hexagonal eyes that line the hard leather exterior and the thick elongated leather laces that are threaded through them. What works really well here is how the chestnut brown leather with its intricate stitching creates a sense of craftsmanship. It blends seamlessly with the deep green of vulcanized rubber. And a simple cream stripe makes it possible to transcend the rustic and go into the stylish. It also comes with a plush lining to keep your toes roaring when the frost breaks on your ankles.

These GH Bass men’s duck boots tie together a traditional aesthetic that keeps each part balanced, an insulating lining and a super waterproof exterior. This makes it something much more than the sum of its parts.

Material: Leather, rubber, nylex | Available sizes: 7-13 | Colors available: 2

It is The prayer boot. The original. Do you want to experience and shop for men’s duck boot roots? This is the one. This high-quality, custom-built outdoor boot protects against the harshness and moisture of nature. The Portuguese chamois flannel in hazy pattern will keep you super insulated. Plus, they would look pretty cool when displayed on the trunk rack.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, LL Bean has handcrafted every single boot in Maine. They still do today, and the pre-tumbled leather will feel like it was tailored to your foot as soon as you put them on. They are very durable thanks to the leather / rubber combination, but the brand also offers repairs and reseeding when they dreaded time starts to wear them down.

Material: Leather, cotton leather flannel, rubber | Available sizes: 7-14 | Fit: Medium Width (If you are half size, order one down. If you are a full size, order your size)

Hybridizations are a mixed bag. Sorry for the pun. Some fail, and some bloom like a cherry tree in the spring. Sperry’s views of a duck boot-cum-derby shoe, and they are a perfect example of the latter. Not only is it stylish but also unique, giving you praise for stepping into the eerie waters of fashion.

The shoe naturally has good waterproofing capabilities thanks to the rubber bottom. It also has great traction, thanks to the Wave-Siping deep tread below. The cozy kicker is that these boots pack some serious Thinsulate micro-fleece technology inside to keep your foot as warm and happy as humanly possible. Style. Comfort. Outdoor capacity. This convertible boot has it all.

Material: Leather, Rubber, Thinsulate Micro-Fleece | Available sizes: 7-13 | Colors available: 1

Duck boots for men are so suitable for the large puddles of mud and rocky traverses in the countryside that one could ignore its potential for the urban spheres. This UGG boot combines the rubberized bottom with a Chelsea boot top. The result is something sleek, sleek and aesthetically pleasing.

The black hue adds a thick layer of formality to the duck boot so they can pop into the restaurant’s unfamiliar territory while still being able for a rugged hike. The elastic of the Chelsea boot means that it also slides on and off easily. This boot requires minimal hassle and provides maximum panache.

Material: Leather, UggPlush Recycled Wool & Lyocell Blend, Foam, Elastic Gore, Textile, Molded Shell | Available sizes: 7-14 | Fit: Bred | Colors available: 2

Think of these boots from Sorel as the light, flexible, smart and streamlined version of duck boots for men. What stands out here are the spacious eyes and hiking boot laces that fasten them and support your ankle with each step. The beers bring a simplified and relaxed aesthetic to the shoe. And the molded footbed brings the grip tread in reverse angle and bold branding.

Although they would do well in a rainy city (Seattle, look at you), the treadmill means they will cope with small outdoor pursuits if pushed to it. They come with 100 g of internal insulation, which gives lots of softness and warmth.

By combining a sneaker’s everyday comfort with some of the possibilities in a boot, these form a supple winter town ally.

Material: Leather, EVA rubber, insulation | Available sizes: 7-10.5 | Colors available: 2

If you’ve ever taken an impromptu shower from a passing bus, car or truck, you know what a grim city can be like. To help alleviate the problems in a wet big city, these Studio Nicholson boots have a bit of waterproofing from the rubberized sole that creeps up on the upper. They may be more suitable for the transitional fall or spring, where good weather is not guaranteed, but the bad weather is not terrible either.

What sets these apart is their style. The contour-shaped chocolate brown rubber is polite by the Japanese manufacturer Moonstar, and it blends so effortlessly with the almond-colored canvas upper. Wear with some loose-fitting earth-colored trousers, a white oxford shirt and a magnificent puffer jacket for the ultimate city style.

Material: Canvas, rubber | Available sizes: 4-11 | Colors available: 3

These Columbia boots take the oldschool design of duck boots for men, modernize it, reinforce it and bring it into 21st century technology. First, there is the Omni-Heat ™ Infinity liner with 200 g of highly insulating material to keep your feet as shaken as possible. It is impressive both waterproof and breathable.

Second, there is the TechLite + ™ midsole, which ensures the opulence of the crotch that keeps your soles satisfied after a day of walking. And finally, the Adapt Trax ™ outsole keeps the entire rig planted to the ground and is particularly skilled in the snow.

These shoes are designed as the ultimate water repellent machine. However, they are not limited to just that. The camouflage effect gives it an outback seriousness that takes men’s duck boots back to its hunting heritage.

Material: Leather, textile, rubber, metal | Available sizes: 7-17 | Fit: Bred | Colors available: 3

Browsing through the Diemme website is an act of torture. Everything is desirable. Even the way they style their photographs is … at least I’m going astray. This is a sign of the overall aesthetic success of this outdoor brand – it is rare to find duck boots for men with such a grace.

The light gray suede upper is not exactly ideal for hardcore trekking, hunting or general outdoor activities due to obvious results from wet and mud. However, it may be one of the slimmest boots you will witness. And for that reason alone, they deserve a place in your wardrobe.

Material: Suede, rubber | Available sizes: 36-45 | Fit: True to Size | Colors available: 1

Think of this shoe as a sports car that can drive off-road in style. The technical ability of the Vibram sole balances outdoor capabilities with daily sneaker comfort. Attach this tread to the bottom of men’s duck boots / Chelsea boot-over combination and you have the recipe for versatile beauty.

Wear this in town with black jeans, a vintage shirt and a puffer jacket. Or get on the trails with some GORE-TEX trail pants, a fleece vest and some knotty Oakley shades. Although they are beautiful shoes, be aware that the white and brown Vibram sole under the feet precludes its ability to be used as something close to formal wear. But as a casual all-rounder, it is wonderful.

Material: Leather, rubber, EVA midsole | Available sizes: 9-13 | Fit: True to Size | Colors available: 2

No one knew it was straight possible for men’s duck boots to look so great.

While designed to fit right in with a catwalk show, its high-fashion status certainly does not mean it will not be able to keep your lower extremities warm and dry. Of course, its white canvas color means you want to avoid farming, but urban surroundings? They will do the job.

There are two important details to note here. First, the rubber outsole provides traction. Second, the elegance of the linear grooves through the rubber molds elevates this design. Get yourself some selvage jeans, chic shades and a minimal trench / overcoat. You will not be able to accommodate the confident walk that goes from street to street.

Material: Cotton, rubber, fabric | Available sizes: 7-11.5 | Colors available: 1

What to look for in duck boots for men


The actual design of duck boots for men with an upper of lacing fabric is an improvement of a fully rubberized boot. Always read and observe the brand size guide, as each manufacturer varies slightly. Also consider whether they need thick socks or not, which will largely depend on your seasonal preferences.


While the rubber sole is a standard feature, everything else on men’s duck boots may change. Different substances upstairs will affect its properties. Do not get a canvas top if you plan to use them as boots for wet weather. Check the insulation properties on the inside, plus the outsole’s special material and tread. All this will change the performance for rain / snow.


Do not wear a white canvas top in dirty outdoor conditions. Lighter colors will perform worse in more treacherous conditions because they will stain almost instantly. The color is primarily a consideration for styling. Before you buy, consider what jeans or pants they can be worn with and whether the color of the shoe matches well.


    • Much depends on color and use. For an all-black Chelsea boot, for example, it might be worth keeping things in the black selection with a few small deviations to the outfit. For a traditional duck boot in leather, consider some high-quality selfie or raw denim and put a roll-up in through the ankle. On top, maybe a bomber jacket, peacoat or chore jacket, combo with a white t-shirt and a smart knit if you need the warmth.

      • Traditionally cross-lacing system will suffice. Do not mess with a good thing. Tie your laces up in a simple double bow to make sure it looks authentic and will not be regretted.

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