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Since their release of the hit Boss No.1 fragrance in 1985, Hugo Boss has made a number of them best fragrances for men ever. The hunt for the best Hugo Boss cologne includes everything from short-lived bangers to long-lasting gems, all on affordable price for cologne.

They range from thinner eau de toilettes that are perfect for a date night, to strong colognes that will last a whole day of playing sports or going to the gym.

Hugo Boss cologne for men has been selling like hotcakes since the 1980s and remains a celebrity favourite. If you want to be fragrance twins with uber-suave stars like Gerard Butler, Orlando Bloom and Jonathon Rhys Meyers (remember him?), it might be time to jump aboard the Hugo Boss bandwagon.

It’s not like it’s going to give you Leonidas’ body or the smooth moves of Mr. Bloom, but your handsome-man musk will be stacked.

Boss has been among the many good fragrances for so long that there are plenty of options to choose from. However, this also means that it is difficult to make a choice, so FashionBeans is here to help you. We put together a guide to the best Hugo Boss cologne so you can save some time.

Check out the guide, pick up your new favorite Hugo Boss men’s cologne, and live your life knowing you’ll soon smell amazing.

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If it’s a versatile fragrance with excellent performance that you want, take a look at BOSS Man. A modern version of the classic HUGO cologne, this is the best mix of affordability, objectively amazing smell and longevity that will see you through the day. That’s what makes this the best Hugo Boss men’s cologne overall.

A crisp and energizing burst of apple and smoky balsamic kicks things off, followed by an herbal twist and the earth tones of a cool forest floor. It’s perfect to take anywhere and versatile enough to be worn at any time of the day, no matter what. This is an upbeat scent for guys who get shit done and refuse to settle down.

We know it sounds intense, but trust us, you’ll be fine with a little help from HUGO.

Notes: Apple, basil, grapefruit, sage, jasmine, balsam, cedar, patchouli | Size: 2.5oz, 4.2oz

Hugo Boss HUGO Man Cologne

“Doesn’t all the best Hugo Boss cologne smell amazing,” you ask? Yes, they certainly do, but you’re always bound to have a favorite of anything. It might not be the longest lasting, and it might not be able to make it through a heavy workout session, but the original Bottled is still one of the best scents they’ve ever released. That’s right, this is the first form of Hugo Boss’ famous cologne line.

There have probably been dozens of Bottled sequels, but when it comes to the best-smelling Hugo Boss cologne for men, the original still does its best. It is a masculine, iconic and timeless favorite that speaks to fun and sensuality. Inside a luxurious looking bottle of Bottled, you will initially smell fresh apples and geranium mixed with cinnamon and cloves.

Vetiver, woody cedar, amber and a manly musk finish this one off nicely bang. This is a true classic among classics and one of the best Hugo Boss colognes for men. You really can’t go wrong.

Notes: Apple, geranium, cinnamon, sandalwood, vetiver, cedar, dry musk | Size: 3.3 oz |

Hugo Boss in a bottle

You can always find the best Hugo Boss colognes for men coming in under $100 on Amazon. That being said, you have to have the most affordable of all, which is best? Well, since you’ve probably read the headline, you know it’s the big HUGO Iced. And HUGO Iced aims to be a sensory smash for everyone who smells it.

This Hugo Boss cologne seems to invigorate anyone who wears it with the coolness of iced mint and woody, frozen wild tea. This is a vibrant bouquet that can be enjoyed all year round, but its energy is best for daytime. It will still smell amazing in the evening, but this is a fragrance that will really carry you through the brightest and most productive hours of the day.

Notes: Iced Mint, Frozen Wild Tea, Woody, Vetiver | Size: 2.5 oz

Hugo Boss HUGO Iced

In a long line of sexy Boss colognes, members of the Boss Bottled range are known to be some of the sexiest scents around. And when it comes to the best winter fragrances for men, you want a little sex appeal. After all, winter is all about being stuck inside with people you love, so you want to feel the best and most intimate.

Don’t let the name fool you, bottled Night is actually great at any time of day. You’ll find that the earthy birch combines with the woody warmth of louro amarelo and musk for a scent that’s perfect for the fall and winter months. It evokes the feeling of being lost in the woods at night, with all the excitement and romance that comes with it.

If you’re looking for the best Hugo Boss cologne to wear this winter, your new cold weather could be Bottled Night.

Notes: Birch leaf, cardamom, Louro Amarelo wood, musk | Size: 3.3oz, 6.7oz

Hugo Boss BOSS Bottled Night

When the sun season hits, you’re going to need one of them the best summer fragrances for men. Lucky for you, BOSS has the perfect mix of fresh green and tangy brightness to match the long days. This warm-weather drink will get you through an average workday or weekend getaway, making summer getaways a breeze.

BOSS Bottled Unlimited hits you hard with a fist full of cool mint, grapefruit and violet, then sweetens it up with pineapple, cinnamon and rose. Pack it on a sandalwood base and you have a certified summer baker.

Notes: Mint, grapefruit, violet, cinnamon, pineapple, sandalwood | Size: 3.3 oz

Hugo Boss BOSS Bottled Unlimited Eau de Toilette

As the name suggests, Bottled Infinite is the longest lasting of the best Hugo Boss colognes for men. This is for guys who never stop moving and waiters who work double shifts. Not everyone has time to run to their car, closet or all the way home to refill their cologne. If you’re a guy who’s constantly on the go, this might be the best Hugo Boss cologne option.

Bottled Infinite begins its stay with warming notes of apple and cinnamon. Crisp tangerine brightens the sweet spicy, then slowly fades to a smooth finish of olive wood and sandalwood. This energizing blend can be the perfect combination for a long-lasting men’s cologne that will take you anywhere, anytime.

Notes: Warm apple, cinnamon, bright mandarin, olive wood with smooth base, sandalwood | Size: 1.6oz, 3.3oz

Hugo Boss Bottled Infinite

If you want to emit an attractive air of masculinity, you may find BOSS The Scent to be the best Hugo Boss cologne for you. This is a spicy and aromatic aroma that anyone attracted to cute men will love. If James Bond needed a sensual new date-night cologne, he’d pick up BOSS The Scent and sleep easy (and certainly not alone). It’s not the longest lasting, but you don’t need it for a date night.

This eau de toilette exudes the seductive aphrodisiacs of maninka and ginger. They ease the way for leathery notes that make themselves known over time, and we all know how well aphrodisiacs and leather mix. This will catch everyone within sniffing range. Just be careful not to use too much; too much BOSS The Scent could seduce the whole restaurant.

You were warned.

Notes: Maninka, Ginger, Leather, Bergamot, Orange, Lavender | Size: 3.3oz, 6.7oz

Boss The Scent

If a Hugo Boss cologne gift set is on his Christmas list, BOSS eau de toilette could be what he finds under the tree (or a gift you treat yourself to). With this set you get the same sexiness as HUGO, just in a few different packages.

You don’t just get a 4.2oz bottle of HUGO. This holiday gift set also comes with a deodorant stick, the perfect travel size, and a 2.5 oz tube of shower gel. For the debonair man in your life, this could be the HUGO gift set to top all cologne gift sets.

Notes: Earthy, smoky, herbal, apple | Size: One 4.2oz cologne bottle, one deodorant, one 2.5oz shower gel

HUGO Cologne gift set

What to look for when buying the best Hugo Boss cologne


Fragrance will most likely be the most important factor when choosing your favorite Hugo Boss cologne for men. Some things to consider: do you wear Hugo boss cologne for men to impress others or to enjoy yourself? It may also be a good idea to decide based on the season you will be wearing it. Delicious citrus scents can be good for summer, while fresh, woody scents are good for the cold months.

bottle of Hugo Boss cologne on a Hugo Boss jacket


The bottle size is another important factor when deciding on your favorite Hugo boss cologne for men. If you are not sure if you will love the scent, the best option is to buy smaller bottles of several colognes to try them out. Once you have decided on the best Hugo Boss cologne, you can move on to larger bottles.

Unless you have money to burn, you might as well just buy the big ones and give them away if you don’t like them. The world needs heroes like you.

How long does it last

The last big thing to remember is how long your cologne will last. Some colognes are built differently than others and will last all day. Other colognes are meant to be milder and may only last several hours (which can be plenty).

Certain colognes will even last through a tough workout or a pick-up football game, because who doesn’t want to smell nice while dragging their friends through the dirt?


    • The first Hugo Boss cologne for men ever released was Boss No.1, launched in 1985. A solid throwback fragrance. It was such a hit that Boss colognes took off. Decades later, here we are, with plenty of delicious Hugo Boss men’s cologne options.

      • The price per bottle always varies. Different stores also carry it at different prices. Most of them stay under $100 for a 2.5-3.3 oz bottle. The best way to learn the price ranges is by scrolling through our buying guide. If you already did, shouldn’t you already know this?

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