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The heavy hoodie is the father of hoodies. In my humble opinion it is the best of all men’s hoodies. It brings the warmth of a big bear hug, the comfort of a cup of tea, the volume of a pillow and the durability of a lobster. The best heavy hoodies combine all these factors and blend in their unique style.

If your hoodie isn’t giving you the joy and comfort it used to, it might be time to say goodbye. Just be warned, don’t assume this is a versatile, do-it-all hoodie. You don’t want to wear heavy hoodies in the depths of a heat wave. Otherwise, the hoodie weighs twice as much with all the sweat it has absorbed. Yum.

But it is not an article about jerseys, so it’s probably talk about sweat. We’ve rounded up a great selection of hoodies to suit men of all ages, creeds and inclinations. So don’t spend hours scrolling the internet, we’ve done the legwork for you. Here are the best heavy hoodies for men below. Read on.

Key takeaways

When choosing the best heavy hoodies, consider color, style, and fit. That Lined hoodie took first place due to its stylish versatility and range of lovely colours. If you’re looking for WFH (or couch) comfort, the fleece back is Nice hoodie is a real treat. Meanwhile, the color is blocked Axel Arigato is a style master class.

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Forét Deer hoodie

Material: 100% organic cotton | Available sizes: XS-2XL | Available colors: 9 | Style: Blouse

This Forét design comes out at the top of this list of the best heavyweight hoodies for a number of reasons. First, the range of tones available is not only plentiful, but almost all of them are also hard to go wrong with.

They have a soft, muted tone that compliments the simplicity of the aesthetic, with only a contrasting Forét logo to show off. The heavy cotton is brushed, giving it a robust yet soft duality. When you’re looking for a hoodie to fill out your selection, this is a formidable choice.

London Buxton Hoodie Wax

Materials: 100% organic cotton | Available sizes: S-2XL | Available colors: 5 | Style: Blouse

Wax London knows exactly what it’s about with its color choices. There’s black, faded charcoal, ecru, navy and a neutral grey-violet tone (for the pastel-heads among you). They make it hard to style these hoodies badly.

We suggest a pair of selvedge denim jeans and Converse sneakers for a deliciously casual outfit. The 100% organic cotton makes it a heavy hoodie with eco sensitivity.

Percival x Harry Lambert Quite an expensive hoodie

Materials: 85% cotton, 15% recycled polyester Available sizes: XS-2XL | Available colors: 2 | Style: Blouse

Heavy hoodies for men can be more expensive than regular hoodies. This is because the material is more expensive. But there’s a strange irony in a fairly expensive hoodie declaring itself “pretty expensive” on its graphic, only to be put on sale for a fraction of the price.

It may still declare itself “rather expensive,” but now it’s actually “quite reasonable.” This Harry Lambert (Harry Styles’ stylist) x Percival collaboration hoodie is ironic, cosy, and its loud pink color scheme ensures it doesn’t go unnoticed. Make an “expensive” bargain.

Unrecorded hoodie

Material: 100% organic cotton (GOTS) | Available sizes: 2XS-2XL | Available colors: 5 | Style: Blouse

This Unoccupied the hoodie is constructed from strong 360 gram French terry fabric in organic cotton. The fabric is durable, heavy, insulating, soft and easy to wash. But it’s the minimal style that we want to highlight most of all.

There is no branding. A light bag for tired hands. And finally, the hard cotton cord makes it easy to adjust the hood. We recommend styling with it tied up. On the healthy side, the cotton used has been grown without chemicals and dyed without heavy metals or allergenic dispersed dyes. Which is nice.

Neutral organic hoodie

Materials: 100% organic cotton | Available sizes: XS-XL | Available colors: 3 | Style: Blouse

When you’ve analyzed as many hoodies as I have, you’re going to know a thing or two. It’s the details that count. This neutral hoodie earns a spot on the list thanks to its organic cotton, neat wrist logo and clearly visible stitch details.

If you want something as smart as a digital spreadsheet, try Excel Green for a vibrant addition to your casual wardrobe. Wear them with darker, more modest colors such as charcoal chinos or dark indigo jeans to let the green make the fashion statement for you.

Hamilton and Hare Pullover Hoodie - Indigo Terry

Material: 100% cotton Available sizes: XS-2XL | Available colors: 3 | Style: Blouse

Is your personal style unconventional? Still cool? And with a touch of unbridled fun? If so, boy do I have the hoodie for you. The terry material gives a wonderfully matte soft touch to the outside, but on the inside it’s brushed for a sensual feel on your skin.

The elastic edges have a surprising geometric pattern on them, while the cords have a quality metallic finish. This is the ideal hoodie for curling up on the sofa at home with a pair of your favourites joggers he.

Axel Arigato Fragment hoodie

Material: 100% organic cotton | Available sizes: XS-XL | Available colors: 1 | Style: Blouse

Arguably the sexiest hoodie on this list. Do not you agree? Fight with me. The sharp color blocking between ecru, beige and brown which intersects at ruffled edges gives this nuance, spirit and individuality. (Note there’s also a green, black, and faded black version, just as alluring.)

When it comes for styling, this heavy hoodie is for those who like their pants baggy, their shoes chunky and their sunglasses thin; it’s a cool hoodie for kids. It’s constructed from thick organic cotton for optimal drape and just-is-not-enough.

Nice Mercury Hood

Material: 42% polyester, 58% cotton Available sizes: XS-XL | Available colors: 2 | Style: Blouse

Cold January winds rustle the bare trees outside my window. The gray sky feels close. In short, there is no sign of optimism. And yet inside it’s a different story, as I’m wrapped up in my squishy, ​​velvety and thickly insulated Nicce Mercury hoodie.

The thickly embroidered logo and the metal-clad cords are premium details. The exterior is smooth and comes in a variety of colors, but it’s the fleece-back interior that ensures you’ll never want to take this hoodie off. This winter all you need is this hoodie, fleecy Jogging pantsplus a Nicce cuppa tea for real winter blues busters.

Two-thirds Fionia

Material: 50% recycled cotton, 47% recycled polyester, 3% other fibers | Available sizes: S-XL | Available colors: 1 | Style: Zipper

If you are familiar with zippers, you will know that the YKK zipper is one of the most robust. So the fact that this TwoThirds hooded sweatshirt with zipper has a YKK zipper is a good indication that this is higher quality than the average heavy hoodie for men.

Even better is the recycled nature of this hoodie. The recycled polyester joins with recycled cotton to create a garment that utilizes waste, is durable and soft and comfortable. There is one drawback. It only comes in one color. But the soft “linen” shade makes up for that fact.

Outline & Stitch Adult Hoodie Outline Stitch

Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester Available sizes: S-XL | Available colors: 8 | Style: Blouse

When you’re making your very own custom hoodie, there’s no need to go kitsch, or for some garish screen printing, why not make it look artisanal, thoughtful and quality? With this Sketch & Stitch embroidered hoodie, all these things are achievable. The only downside is a) the cost and b) finding the perfect image that will look good as embroidery.

Not that I’ve ever done it, but I imagine it’s easier said than done. There are a ton of hoodie colors available, plus you can choose the embroidery color and add text too. This could be a beautiful gift.

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What to look for in the best heavy hoodies


Cotton is the conventional hoodie material, but it can come in different forms. For extra softness, it can be brushed and with a fleece backing. Terry cloth is soft, absorbent and provides a unique aesthetic. In addition, differences may arise in the way the cotton was grown.

Organic farming does not allow the use of chemicals. In terms of sustainability, hoodies made from recycled cotton are also possible. Finally, polyester is cheaper and causes more pollution, but can still be soft and durable.


Avoid heavy slim-fit hoodies. They can feel uncomfortable to wear, especially with a t-shirt underneath. Go for a normal fit or oversize. I highly recommend an oversized fit for a heavy hoodie. It will meet the bulky, insulating and huggable criteria you want from a heavyweight hoodie. Plus, oversized is trendy at the moment.


To zip up or to pullover, that is the question. While I’m of the opinion that a front zipper ruins the seamless comfort of a pullover hoodie, and the zipper adds unnecessary weight, the zipper does have its merits. Namely access and an alternative aesthetic. Choose your poison. If you prefer your head outside a canopy is there too hoodless hoodies… aka crewneck sweatshirts.

The perfect shade from the Nice Mars Collection
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Final judgment

The best heavy hoodie is a simple garment. It should keep you warm, give a stylish yet casual feel to your outfit, and feel comfortable to wear. If a hoodie ticks these boxes, go ahead and buy it. The minimalist hoodie from First time achieves this and has a fantastic range of colors so you can choose the perfect tone. That’s why it’s my favorite.


    • This is of course a subjective matter, as one man’s thick is another man’s thin. A heavyweight hoodie starts at around 300-350 GSM (grams per square meter)/8.85-10.5 (ounces per yard squared). But it can be as heavy as 500 GSM/14.75 (ounces per yard squared).

      • The weight of a hoodie does not necessarily indicate its quality. Also consider the type of fabric (is it polyester? Or organic cotton?), consider where it was made, other people’s reviews, and whether the brand is reputable. Although weight indicates the strength of the material, it does not indicate build quality.

        • Let’s assume you’re not wearing your hoodie on Mars. Your hoodie is also not saturated with water. So, we return to the original definition of what is considered a heavyweight hoodie: anything 300 GSM (grams per square meter) or more. PS a 300 GSM hoodie would only be 114 GSM on Mars. They are lightweights on Mars.

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