If you want longer, thicker strands, your hair growth serum needs this

With that distinction, Hill also wants to highlight the benefits of using a hair loss prevention serum and how hair strands thin in the first place. “What is experienced with ‘hair growth’ serums is the reawakening of the hair follicle,” says Hill. “It creates a healthier scalp microbiome, which increases the number of hair fibers that each hair follicle produces. To clarify, each hair follicle can produce more hair fibers, and most people can have two to five hair fibers per hair follicle. (This is genetically predetermined.) When the follicle is compromised, the follicle produces fewer hair fibers, resulting in ‘hair loss’ and thinning. The benefit and goal of these serums is to address miniaturization in its infancy for the best results.”

Even if hair loss isn’t an issue for you and you’d simply love a serum that helps promote long, luscious locks in some way, you may still be looking for hair strengthening serum that contains ingredients that help keep breakouts at bay. Hill recommends looking for hair products containing ingredients such as saw palmetto, caffeine, licorice extract, pfaffia extract, ergothioneine, ginseng root and burdock root. These will help nourish your hair at the root, allowing strands to grow longer than ever before. Keep scrolling below for a few options recommended by Hill and other user favorites.

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