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These perfume discovery kits ensure that you will never have the remorse of a perfume buyer

Imagine this: It’s a post-pandemic, and like the rest of the world, you’re starting to buy most of your beauty products online, often inspired by your favorite influencers, content creators, editors, and industry experts. And today, you bought a perfume, a perfume that is supposedly so wildly amazing, a whiff could be compared to Romilda Vane’s vial with Amortentia. You feel confident, a bit euphoric, and the expectation of the arrival of your new perfume is at a record high. You have never been so sure that you will love something in your whole life! Until – womp, womp – you actually smell it. If you, like so many of us, have experienced that remorse “What the hell?” moment after buying perfume, you have come to the right place.

Although we do our best to never lead you astray when it comes to fragrance here at Who What Wear, perfume is probably the most personal and polarizing product you can buy in the beauty arena. You may hate what your best friend loves, and something that smells good on your sister can make you smell like a rotting corpse. (It’s not me who’s dramatic – it’s me who’s telling you how I smell at Kilian Paris’ Rolls in love $ 250.)

Since we are not psychics, we can not always recommend your most perfect perfume, but what we able to do is to recommend some of our all-time favorite brands that have a ridiculously impressive number of delicious, best fragrant perfume, and tells you to buy their discovery kit. From there, you can test drive a variety of options and land on a personal favorite. Does that sound like a plan? Cool, 12 of the best discovery sets on the market (plus our favorite sets from each) are just below. Keep rolling!

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