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If your search for the best fedora hats hits a dead end, you may be inclined to give up hope. But now you’ve found this time-saving article featuring the finest fedoras in the country.

Not so long ago, owning a handful of the best fedora hats was as common as wearing a coat, sweater or shirt. Favored by movie stars, musicians and world leaders, it was the ultimate choice of headwear – come rain or shine.

Today, the once everyday essential is now treated with care and replaced by fisherman hats, bucket hats and baseball caps that become nostalgic accessories reminiscent of bygone elegant eras.

This guide will help alleviate such caution and show you why the best fedora hats should still have pride of place in every guy’s wardrobe. Keep reading to discover our handpicked selection of must-own styles.

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What do the best fedora hats have in common? They help make a strong statement with minimal effort. Whether you’re rocking a smart casual outfit or a formal look, adding a fedora to the mix will give your get-up undeniable style.

This classic black design from Cotton On is made from 100% wool felt and comes with a luxurious brown hat band. Suitable for all seasons, it is the ideal partner for a black bomber jacket, white t-shirt, trousers and Derby shoes.

Materials: 100% wool | Available sizes: S/ML/XL | Colors: Black

Each of Frescobol Carioca’s hats is skillfully handcrafted by Ecuadorian artisans. Expertly woven from Toquilla straw from the region, this timeless fedora features a wide brim to suit larger face shapes. The contrasting grosgrain ribbon gives a smart finish that looks great with summer tailoring. For a more casual ensemble, try yours with a linen shirt, tailored trousers and sandals.

Materials: 100% straw | Available sizes: 57-61” | Colors: white

As the official helmet manufacturer of the British Police Force for two centuries, it’s fair to say that Christys’ is the godfather of British hat making. The brand’s designs have been worn by a host of famous faces, including Marlon Brando, Indiana Jones and Brad Pitt.

Crafted from the finest beaver fur felt, this fedora comes in a deep race green color – it complements chunky winter knitwear and quilted jackets perfectly. It has a soft, smooth and luxurious feel and is named after the iconic Windsor Castle. If your knowledge of royal residence is rusty, it’s a rather familiar home in the English county of Berkshire.

Materials: 100% beaver fur felt | Available sizes: 55-62″ | Colors: Green, Burgundy, Navy

If you’re ready to splash the cash, Gucci‘s felt fedora is well worthy of making it rain. Presented in classic style, it’s your fast ticket to becoming the best-dressed guy in town. Even Humphrey Bogart would approve.

Made in Italy, it features a tonal grosgrain trim with the brand’s miniature monotone version of the interlocking G. We think it looks particularly striking paired with a graphic tee, swim shorts and sandals.

Materials: 90% natural fibers, 5% cotton, 5% viscose | Available sizes: S-XXL | Colors: Off white, Pink

The Brixton Messer fedora hat is a stylish choice for those looking to make a statement. It is presented in an eye-catching green and the construction is 100% wool felt.

The brown faux leather band and metal crest pin add a decorative touch that will feel right at home at garden parties and summer weddings. This design leans a little more towards the casual side of dressing, so we suggest teaming it with a blazer and separates (rather than a jumpsuit).

Material: 95% wool, 5% polyurethane | Available sizes: XS-XL | Colors: Green, black, brown

If you’re new to the world of hat-wearing and want to try it out (without spending a fortune), check out this fedora from Lisianthus. For even more bonus points, it’s an absolute steal.

This version comes in a classic tan shade. However, the hat is available in 30 different colours. Choose your favorite and pair it with a classic white t-shirt, chinos and sneakers fresh in the box.

Materials: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester | Available sizes: ML | Colors: Tan, black, grey

A wool fedora hat like this one from Borsalino is a great choice for autumn. The brand has a valued history of quality craftsmanship and they have been producing hats since the mid-19th century – so you know you are investing in the very best.

Made in Italy from plush wool felt, it’s trimmed with striped webbing and fitted with a comfortable inner headband. It will look right with a navy blue suit, but you can also use it to dress up a casual shirt and chinos.

Material: 100% wool | Available sizes: 57-62″ | Colors: Grey, black, navy blue

For sun worshipers and luxury fashion lovers alike, the Orlebar Brown fedora is perfect summer hat. With its high crown and small shade, it pays homage to vintage styles that your grandfather might once have worn.

Ideal for keeping the sun off your face, it’s made from lightweight straw and has an internal headband for optimal comfort.

Materials: 100% straw | Available sizes: A size | Colors: Brown

As durable as it is stylish, this leather fedora is the perfect travel companion. Lightweight and easy to pack, it’s built to hold its shape through all your adventures and outdoor activities – fishing, hiking, summer barbecues.

Not just a pretty face, the unique design will protect your neck and face from the scorching sun, while the water-repellent fabric promises to protect you from the rain. We think it looks great with a plain t-shirt, chino shorts and sneakers.

Materials: 100% leather | Available sizes: S-XXXL | Colors: Brown, Chocolate, Black

Established in 1676, Lock & Co. is proudly the oldest hat shop in the world. It is said that Oscar Wilde once bought his own fedora from the brand back in 1906 to wear on a speaking tour of the United States. Pretty cool, right?

Introduced in the 1980s (as a timeless fedora for the man about town), the Chelsea looks just as good today as it would have back then. The streamlined silhouette is produced in a stiff rabbit felt with a smart leather inner headband and luxurious white silk lining. You should keep this for formal occasions and pair it with your favorite suit and overcoat.

Materials: 100% rabbit felt | Available sizes: 55-65 cm | Colors: Grey, navy

Crafted from chunky wool, this classic fedora from AllSaints is finished with refined leather trim, giving it a vintage feel that will look great in winter with biker jackets and ripped denim.

The wide shade is also suitable for the warmer months to keep the sun out of your eyes. No matter what the weather throws at you, this hat will help you channel your Sinatra vibes.

Materials: 100% wool | Available sizes: S/MM/L | Colors: Black

What to look for when looking for the best fedora hats


The best fedora hats can be made from just about anything. But as you would expect, some materials work better than others. When shopping for the best fedora hats, value for money is likely to be high on your list of things you want from a hat. With this in mind, it is important to choose one made of quality fabric. The best ones to look out for are felt, wool and straw.

Felt is the most versatile of the three. Suitable for year-round use, it can be worn in hot or cold weather. Wool is best suited for winter, while a straw fedora is your go-to for the summer months.

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The color you choose will depend on personal preference and where you will wear your fedora. The most classic versions come in black, brown or gray and can be used both formally or as part of more casual ensembles.

Colorful options are optimal for sunny days and should ideally be kept for smart-casual outfits. But if you’re a guy who likes to stand out from the crowd, they won’t look out of place if you wear them with sharp tailored and summer-ready staples.


To easily identify some of the best fedora hats, you should be looking for a hat with a soft brim and recessed crown. It is typically curled lengthwise and “pinched” near the front on both sides. Although not quite as common, other variants are available. You can also find fedoras with teardrop crowns, diamond crowns, and center bulges, to name a few.


    • When you wear a fedora correctly, it sits comfortably just above the center of your forehead. The shade should turn gently down at the front and slightly up at the back. You may want to tilt the hat slightly to the side or just wear it straight and centered. When in doubt, follow in the footsteps of your favorite fedora-wearing old-timer.

      • The best fedora hats for men can last a lifetime with the right maintenance. But if you fail to store it properly, you could be looking for a new one in as little as a few years. The easiest way to keep it safe and fresh is with a hat storage box. You can pick one up from online retailers such as Amazon.

        For those who travel often, a travel case is a must. Like a storage box, they have a hard outer case to protect your hat from damage. They also have a small handle and straps so you can easily take your hat with you anywhere.

        • To know how to wear a hat is a handy sartorial skill, especially in winter. While a fedora won’t keep your head particularly warm, it will help protect you from the rain. Fur felt (which most men’s fedora hats are made from) is naturally water-repellent. So just keep the edge tilted down (to let the rain run off) and when it gets wet, shake off excess water, let it dry and lightly brush clean.

          • Traditionally, fedora hats for men are best paired with a suit and tie. They can also perfectly complement a crisp white T-shirt, trousers and smart sneakers (just don’t wear them with sportswear). As long as it suits your personal style, you can play around with different outfit combinations to suit the occasion.

            Above all else, wear a fedora hat with confidence. Wear it reluctantly and it will quickly become clear that it should not sit upside down. Make the hat yours and it will soon become your signature.

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