The sub-$13 Lip Plumpers I always recommend to friends who don’t want fillers

That said, fillers aren’t for everyone, and I know plenty of people who simply aren’t interested or can’t afford the treatment and/or upkeep. (It’s a steep investment, after all!) Luckily for us, the makeup industry has really kicked it up in the innovation department over the past few years, and some of the most effective lip plumpers boast drugstore-level price tags. Not everyone is looking for fuller lips, but if you’re someone who needs an extra injection of volume without fillers, you’ve come to the right place. Below, I’m sharing five of the absolute best lip plumpers that A) can be found at the drugstore or B) boast drugstore-affordable price points. Plus, because I feel so passionate about the topic, I’ve gone ahead and added the products that will further enhance your pout, and I’ve even included a few of my favorite, albeit more splurge-y, lip plumpers at the end of the article. Keep rolling!

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