This $16 Amazon find is the easiest way to detox at the end of a long day

Picture this: It’s the end of a very long day of emails, meetings, running around, dealing with people… You know, all the stressful things. You get home and all you want to do is lay down—anywhere, really, because you’re so exhausted. Usually, when I have those days, I run into my apartment, change immediately my pyjamas, try to put together dinner or order something, and lay on my couch or bed and look at my phone for hours. It’s not the best routine I know, especially with the phone part because it can cause some anxiety if I look at my emails again or doomscroll.

But lately I’ve been trying to find new ways to de-stress, and one of my favorite coping strategies has been to Take a bath. I was never really a bath person before this, but now I understand why it can be such a relaxing experience. I turn on the faucet, light some candles, play some music, and throw some bath salts in. And when it comes to bath salts, there are so many, but I’m especially fond of detox right now. Not only do they make me feel relaxed and calm, but they also make me feel like I’m able to wash all the dirt and bad stuff off my body. I feel so fresh and clean afterwards.

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