These are the best designer crossbody bags, period

When I perused fashion insider photos and found that crossbody bags were back in style, I felt my heart skip a beat. Don’t get me wrong – I love a good one top handle or bucket bag, but the thought of having an extra free hand excites me. Think about all the possibilities! Carrying my matcha latte without fear of spillage, easily grabbing my metro card from my bag, texting with two hands instead of one thumb… The list could go on.

Not only that, but I consider crossbody bags incredibly chic. With a shortened strap slung over my shoulder and the bag placed directly under my chest, the style takes on a fashion appeal that sets it apart from the bags I wore in middle school. If you also feel genuine joy at the thought of a hands-free accessory, scroll through to see the top nine designer bags with crossbody straps this season has to offer.

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