I put my hair through hell – my (on sale) secrets to keeping it long and healthy

As I have discussed, I like to get my hair dirty by bleaching the heck out of it every other month or so. In fact, I’ve been doing it for years and somehow, very miraculously, my hair is healthier than ever. (Even famous hairdressers are shocked when they realize I don’t have extensions!) According to experts, my hair has no right to be as healthy as it is. But I have some tricks me up my sleeves.

Not only do I have a great colorist, Cassondra Kaedingwho prioritizes the integrity of my hair above all else, but stays on top of my diet and nutritional supplements, and I also try to keep heat styling, sun exposure, and other strand stressors to a minimum. (Air drying Last but not least, I have a pretty epic rotation of products – I don’t know if there is a more discerning hair care consumer – that I unwaveringly rely on to prevent and repair any issues. unavoidable damage best possible. And very exciting, so many of the brands and products in question are part of Dermstore’s sale.

Are you curious to see which brands and products I personally vouch for and are temporarily on offer? Keep rolling!

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