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Really great cologne creators are few and far between and finding a brand you love can really stink (sorry, couldn’t help it). Chanel is one of the biggest luxury lifestyle brands out there, so the best Chanel cologne for men is always pure class. Sure, they might make your mom’s favorite perfumes, but that doesn’t mean their colognes aren’t top shelf.

Even if you’re set on Chanel, there are plenty of options to get lost in. Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a guide to the best Chanel cologne for men, so you can focus more on Netflix and chill than scouring and stress. Check out the options, decide what you like, and start smelling as confident as you feel. If you’re not feeling confident, consider these colognes as a booster shot.

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Chanel’s ÉGOÏSTE has been one of their most loved since 1990 and has shown no signs of slowing down. Master mixologist Jacques Polge designed this with a bold, woody mahogany and rosewood accompanying light flecks of tobacco, amber, sandalwood and vanilla.

The result is a beautiful marriage of nose-pleasers that is the most versatile of the best Chanel colognes for men. This masculine fragrance is great for any situation. It will leave you smelling sensual and present, yet not overpowering – sure to make an impression anywhere.

Notes: Mahogany, rosewood, tobacco, amber | Size: 3.4 oz

ÉGOÏSTE Eau De Toilette

Sometimes hot and powerful scents are a little too hot and powerful to be your #1 winter scent. You don’t always want something announcing your presence in a room like a personal herald. When the cold hits and you want something more cool and invigorating, Chanel’s highly praised Bleu de Chanel could be your next winter fragrance.

Bleu Eau de Toilette spray with juicy citrus notes with notes of sandalwood and dry cedar to tickle your nose. Strong and elegant, this is the perfect olfactory outcry for crisp cold days and nights.

Notes: Grapefruit, sandalwood, dry cedar | Size: 3.4oz, 5oz

Bleu Eau De Toilette

Sometimes you don’t need a cologne to last a full 12-hour night shift or survive a day of streetball. While all the best Chanel colognes for men smell amazing, some are always a little nicer than others. If sweet scents are the only thing on your agenda, Allure Homme Edition Blanche can become your daily driver.

Deciding on the best smelling cologne is completely subjective, but we think everyone can appreciate Homme Blanche. New Caledonian sandalwood, Haitian vetiver and Madagascar vanilla take you into an unforgettable fragrance world – and who doesn’t love to travel? If you’re on the hunt for the best smelling cologne, you might want to give this one a look.

Notes: Lemon, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Vanilla | Size: 1.7 oz

Allure Homme Edition Blanche

Now that you’ve got winter checked off the list of the best Chanel colognes for men, it’s time to get equipped fragrances for the sunny season. The world is hotter than ever, so spray on something appropriate. Something liberating, like Chanel’s Allure Homme Sport eau de toilette spray.

Italian mandarin mingles with cedar, tonka and white musk in this sensual delight. The eau de toilette spray is lighter than the cologne, so it’s better for weekends spent running errands and lounging by the pool. It’s a taste that lasts; not so strong that people across the street will smell you, but sharp enough that people nearby will notice.

Notes: Mandarin, cedar, white musk, tonka | Size: 3.4 oz

Allure Homme Sport Eau De Toilette Spray

Don’t let the name hold you back. Just because you’re rocking a cologne named Egoist doesn’t mean you’re inhaling your own farts. This scent is bold but not off-putting. It’s also perfect all year round, wherever you wear it, at any time of the day.

The inspiration for this versatile hit comes from the French expression “qui a de la platine,” which translates to “he who is platinum.” The French used this to describe brave and decidedly bold. Modern extroverts take note: this balanced blend of rosemary and lavender is elevated by notes of sage and geranium. A combination that is bound to make a proud statement in any environment.

Notes: Lavender, rosemary, sage, geranium | Size: 3.4 oz

ÉGOÏSTE Platinum Eau De Toilette

You already know that Allure Homme Sport eau de toilette spray is amazing (since you’ve surely read the previous posts), so it shouldn’t surprise you that the cologne version is just as appealing. It’s a familiar scent, but stronger than the second iteration. Fresh, juicy citrus goes hand in hand with spicy pepper, cedar and white musk.

This is a cologne that would survive an impromptu pick-up football game without breaking a sweat. The energetic appeal of this crowd pleaser is impossible to deny. We’re sure everyone you ask will agree (probably even those you don’t).

Notes: Citrus, pepper, cedar, white musk | Size: 3.4oz, 5oz

Allure Homme Sport Cologne

We don’t always have time to shower after duty. If you’re the type to get invites out after work and still want to smell as debonair as 007, Chanel’s classic first edition of Allure Homme might be for you. This long-lasting cologne is built to last well past bedtime for Eau de toilettes.

All the best Chanel colognes for men will flourish on draining days, but the classic Allure Homme takes it a step further. Juicy gems like mandarin and peach meld beautifully with sandalwood and vanilla to create a potent blend that picks you up when you need it – anytime. Subtle notes of freesia, geranium, jasmine and rose arrive at the end to take this option to the next level. Don’t be afraid to impress the office by wearing this cologne.

Notes: Mandarin, peach, freesia, jasmine | Size: 5 oz

Allure Homme Eau De Toilette

We know you’re already aware of the industry-leading Chanel Bleu. If you need a cologne to carry with you and don’t want to DIY some travel containers, this might be your new favorite cologne set. With three separate travel bottles in the pack, this will last you for plenty of flights and road trips.

You are no longer limited to spritzing on the best Chanel cologne for men at home. Push the boundaries a little. Don’t be afraid to smell sexy on that flight. You never know who you might meet and first impressions are everything. Such emergencies are what this travel spray is made for.

Notes: Grapefruit, sandalwood, dry cedar | Size: 3×0.7 oz

Bleu Eau De Toilette travel spray

When it’s gifting time for guys who appreciate the best Chanel cologne for men (and maybe that’s you), you’ll probably want to look towards the Chanel cologne and eau de toilette set. You can always put together your own gift bags, but Chanel doesn’t give us a ton of options for prepackaged gift sets.

If you don’t want to make your own gift set, Chanel has put together a convincing little set of Bleu eau de toilette spray. It comes with a 3.4 oz bottle and a 0.07 oz travel bottle. It’s a kit perfect for infusing yourself with sweet notes of grapefruit, fresh sandalwood and dry cedar at home and on the go. The next time you’re shopping for a Chanel cologne fan, this is the best set to keep in mind.

Notes: Grapefruit, sandalwood, dry cedar | Size: 3.4 oz + 0.07 oz

Bleu Eau De Toilette travel spray

What to look for when looking for the best Chanel cologne for men


When it comes to choosing the best Chanel cologne for men, the scent is probably the most important factor. Whether cologne is meant to impress others or you just like to smell good, the scent is the key factor.

How do you know which aroma is right? By checking out new things. Lots of guys have different colognes for all sorts of occasions, so if you see something in our buying guide above that piques your interest, give it a shot. Don’t be afraid to stock up on the best Chanel cologne for men if your wallet allows it.

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How long does it last

How long a fragrance will last is another crucial aspect in deciding on the best Chanel cologne for men. Want to be stuck smelling like a regular guy just a few hours into a party? The answer is a resounding no.

Check out our guide above to learn which of the best Chanel colognes for men are suitable for long nights out and which are best for a quick dinner and a movie. Know your needs, check the guide, and go from there.


The final ingredient to the best Chanel cologne for men recipe is size. If you know it’s a fragrance you love and you can afford a bigger bottle, you can usually save some money by buying the bigger bottle instead of several small ones.

On the other hand, if you haven’t found your personal favorite Chanel cologne, you might want to get a lot of fragrances in small sizes. Once you’ve given them a test run, you can upgrade to a larger quantity.


    • Yes, Chanel is definitely available for men. Chanel has a large range of fragrances that are exclusively aimed at how a man wants to smell. So don’t let the name fool you; it might be your girlfriend’s favorite purse brand, but they also make some of the best men’s cologne on the market.

      • That answer really depends on the scent. Some of the best Chanel colognes for men last longer than others. What you should probably consider is how long it will take you to smell like a champ.

        If you just need to impress for a night out at a formal event, don’t stress about having a fragrance that lasts for hours on end. Then again, if you’re trying to smell fresh throughout your 8-hour office day and then hit the bar, you might want to find a Chanel cologne built for longer shifts.

        • Deciding on the best Chanel cologne for men really comes down to personal preference. Not everyone will believe that our favorite Chanel cologne is the “best”. We can tell you what we think is the best Chanel cologne for men in general, but you might not agree.

          To make a clear decision, it’s important to shop around to see what scents stand out to you and what you can’t stand. If you haven’t already, scroll up to see the buying guide we’ve put together. If you need help choosing your personal favorite Chanel cologne for men, our buying guide will help clear things up.

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