The 10 best Chanel bags to date

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When someone asks you to imagine the most iconic bag in our sartorial lexicon, chances are it is fashion enthusiasts will think of Chanel. Of course there is other beloved bags from other high-end designers who also fall under that category, but for many they will always stand as secondary.

Although the world has a plethora of bags to choose from today, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel first designed her classic for the modern woman on the go, and the original feel still stands. With longer straps to allow the bag to be slung over a woman’s shoulder and an internal zipped pocket to store small valuables, it was easy to carry in mind that matched the style.

As Chanel bags continue to fly off the shelves with demand seemingly just continuing to grow, the price seems to be rising astronomically. Although in 1955 the classic Chanel bag carried a price tag of $220 (which is about $2,400 in 2022 dollars), the maxi currently retails for $10,000. And that’s before tax.

Although Chanel’s 2.55 top-flap shoulder bag, aptly named for its February 1955 creation date, will forever take the cake, the brand has worked hard to build an army of icons to follow suit. And as such, they have subsequently become quite timeless all on their own.

Sure, some styles or colors come and go, but there are the true icons that will forever stand the test of time. Ahead, find the 10 most timeless Chanel bags to date—some as old as the brand itself and other new additions.

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