23 boxer shorts that are super soft and sexy as hell

The best boxer shorts for men can be best underwear for men, period. For while there is a whole world of skivvies out there to explore these days, take a look in most guys’ drawers and you’ll probably still find boxer shorts. The silhouette remains perhaps the ideal underwear hybrid – combining the snug comfort and support of a pair of briefs with the length and coverage of classic boxer shorts. These extra inches not only help you avoid the dreaded “tighty whitey” look, they also provide some extra privacy when you’re out and about Milo Ventimiglia long shorts. And since boxer shorts have a snug fit, they slip easily under your best pair of slims pants without any unwanted clumping. In short: they are the most versatile pair of underwear for everyday use.

And considering that underwear is more than just another piece of clothing – they’re your closest confidants, trusted to handle your more sensitive and private areas – it’s worth investing in the absolute best boxer shorts for men. You deserve boxer shorts that feel like new skin without any painful chafing. Boxer shorts that are supportive but not restrictive, breathable and odor free. Boxer briefs, like the 23 pairs we’ve collected here. From the softest to the sexiest to the stretchiest, these are the very best boxer shorts for men.

The best boxer shorts, period

Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Boxer Shorts (5-Pack)

Calvin Klein is Air Jordan of the underwear world, a game-changing brand that still truly is funds something in 2022. And like a fresh new pair of Js, there’s far more to a pair of CK’s unbeatable boxer briefs than celebrity-obsessed advertising and the name on the waistband alone. The low cut will emphasize your physique in all the right ways and look great under all kinds of jeans, shorts and trousers. The fabric, meanwhile, is soft and comfortable with a touch of elastane to keep things flexible while still retaining its shape. And you especially can’t beat that price—getting the crown jewel of your crown jewels for less than $15 a pop is a big win no matter how you slice it.

The most comfortable boxer shorts

Yes, we know: another direct to consumer brand. But hear us out. MeUndies’ nabbed the crown for the most comfortable men’s boxer shorts for so many reasons. First, a comfortable, flat waistband that’s not too restrictive and not at all baggy. Second, an almost seamless construction in the crotch, because would you really use that fly anyway? But what sealed these boxer shorts as the king of comfort is their generous use of micromodal, the wonderful miracle fiber that is literally as soft as silk (but much more practical for underwear). They also come in a variety of styles. So if you need something with a longer or shorter inseam, or a pair with an actual functional fly, MeUndies has just the right pair for your family jewellery.

More ultra-comfortable boxer shorts we love

Tommy John Second Skin boxer shorts

True to the name, Tommy John’s Second Skin boxer briefs fit like a glove (for your junk).

Falke boxer shorts in wool and silk blend

The all-natural wool-silk blend works to regulate your body temperature in both hot and cold climates, while keeping unpleasant odors at bay.

Zimmerli Sea Island boxer shorts in cotton

What do you get when you make a pair of boxer shorts from the world’s rarest, finest cotton? A very, very happy nether region.

The best boxer shorts to go to the gym

Lululemon Always In Motion Boxer

Four way stretch? Yup. Sweat-wicking, odor-blocking technology? You can believe that. The perfect amount of support? In one way or another, yes. Lululemon’s boxer shorts may not see you when you’re bench pressing, but they’ve got your back through the most intense workouts. And we certainly don’t mind wearing a pair on the days we “forget” to go to the gym either.

More gym-ready boxer shorts we love

Nike Dri-FIT ultra-stretch micro boxer briefs

Four-way stretch, a comfortable brushed fabric and the heavily featured Dri-FIT technology make these Swoosh skivvies a near-perfect training partner.

New Balance 6″ boxer shorts 3-pack

Trying to stay active on a budget? These affordable New Balance collections check pretty much all the boxes you need in a pair of performance boxer briefs.

The best affordable boxer shorts

Uniqlo Supima low waist cotton boxer shorts

If you’re a fan of plain cotton over any kind of stretch, and also a fan of saving as much money as possible on quality basics, Uniqlo—as usual!– have you covered. Cut from soft Supima cotton, these boxer briefs are a serious upgrade over your regular megapack underwear – while still somehow costing even less.

More wallet-friendly boxer shorts we love

Calvin Klein classic boxer shorts in cotton 3-pack

Everything we love about our all-time favorite men’s boxer shorts, but in a cotton version that’s a little more breathable.

Paul Smith boxer shorts in stretch cotton

Sir Paul Smith did not get his knighthood solely on the merits of his lively underwear, but he certainly could have.

Everlane boxer shorts

Subdued branding, high key softness and a hint of stretch make for a super comfortable pair of boxer shorts.

The best breathable boxer shorts

Mack Weldon Airknitx boxer shorts

Nobody likes a swampy nether region. Mack Weldon’s Airknitx boxer briefs are moisture-wicking, odor-fighting and quick-drying with a breathable mesh fabric and strategically placed pique “cool zones” that make them a perfect choice for tough workouts and humid days alike.

More Super Breezy Boxer Briefs We Love

American Trench boxer shorts

A blend of supima cotton, micromodal and spandex gives these American-made drawers a supple, natural feel.

Uniqlo AIRism boxer shorts

If you want to go even lighter, Uniqlo’s proprietary AIRism feels like it sounds – airy. At 15 bucks a pop, there’s no more comfortable way than these boxer shorts to revamp your entire workout underwear collection.

Patagonia Sender boxer shorts

Patagonia’s boxer shorts use a quick-drying mesh fabric that also removes damp odors and provides plenty of support with a super soft hand. And if that wasn’t enough to make you feel comfortable, they’re also made with 89% recycled nylon.

The best boxer shorts for feeling Goooood

CDLP’s boxer briefs are extremely sexy and impossibly smooth, thanks to a luxurious lyocell fabric that feels silkier than, well, silk. With just the right amount of stretch, a flattering cut and a minimalist design, this is a pair worth saving for date night.

More Wild-Style Boxer Briefs We Love

Tom Ford boxer shorts in leopard

These aren’t the kind of boxer shorts you buy in bulk (if they are, you’re truly blessed). No, these are the type of boxers you save for a lucky date or when you take a day off to do some serious self-care.

Ron Dorff boxer shorts

Once you’ve used the reps to chisel the most girth quads, you need the right boxer briefs to give them the attention they deserve.

Supreme x Hanes boxer shorts

When Supreme teams up with skivvies stalwart Hanes, your precious jewels couldn’t be more hyped.

Schiesser “Karl Heinz” boxer shorts

Known for making some of the best underwear around for over a century, Schiesser is a perfect encapsulation of tried and true old fashioned techniques and construction, married with flattering design and modern materials.

Sunspel superfine boxer shorts in cotton

Sunspel’s boxer shorts feature an ultra-smooth cotton that’s cut low, so it’s out of sight even with the lowest-waisted Y2K-inspired jeans.

Handcraft pima boxer shorts in cotton jersey

If you’re the kind of person who keeps your undies well past their expiration date, consider Handvaerk’s super durable (and somehow super soft!) boxer briefs.

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