The non-traditional leggings trend that is growing in popularity

You can’t beat the classic pair leggings. Whether you wear it for training or in your leisure life, the silhouette will always stay strong as a staple. But as we teased a few months ago, there’s another more unconventional leggings trend that’s once again rising in popularity among the fashion crowd. Yep, bootcut leggings—or “jazz pants”—are here as a coveted, next-level legging trend.

The beauty of these stretchy pants is that they can really be dressed up or down to create a smart, fashion-forward look without sacrificing comfort one bit. Hence, the reason why the fashion crowd continues to embrace the trend. If you have been curious about incorporating bootcut leggings and yoga pants in your arsenal, keep scrolling to see some of the best styles you can buy. You will also find some outfit inspiration mixed in as well as to showcase the pants in action.

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