I spent 5 hours in Target’s beauty section so you do not need it – my 20 best finds

If you have not noticed, Target has a truly spectacular beauty department. In fact, these days it’s just as exciting to stroll through the dealer’s sparkling corridors (whether it’s literally, IRL or figuratively online) as a trip to Sephora, Violet gray, or one of our other favorite beauty shops. The brand and product range has increased exponentially, and although you will still find important pharmacy labels such as Maybelline, Elf Cosmetics, Cover girletc., there are also lots of more obscure brands waiting to be discovered and gloomy about your attention. So I got the ultimate challenge: Choose my top 10 beauty brands at Target, and from there choose two selected products from each. The process as a whole – and because I am sometimes too thorough for my own good – took about five hours.

Obviously, there are about 30 Target-found brands I desperately want to include here (I still swallow some guilt), but if pressed, the 10 featured brands below are the ones I could really use and recommend until end of time and are less well known than the names of pharmacies we are already so familiar with. (Do not get me wrong – I still love the classic brands, but I just want to focus on some more deserved brands.)

Keep rolling! The 10 best beauty brands at Target – in my opinion, a super picky beauty editor – are right up front.

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