26 Best Athleisure Brands to Get You Through 2022

Few fashion trends have stood the test of time like athleisure. You can remember the emergence of the beloved yoga pants through the 2010s. And now, so many more styles that mix athletic and loungewear influences permeate our wardrobes (read: biker shorts you can wear with blazers, sports bras with denim, and leggings and sneakers you can’t actually do burpees in it.)

While the past few years of lockdowns are to blame for the boom in cozy-cute options, “the trend continues today (even after people have been vaccinated),” says Dry ride Manager Liz Muñoz. Actually according to TechnavioThe overall sportswear market is expected to grow over $80 billion by 2024.

Why the lasting hype? Athleisure’s hybrid nature blurs the line as you move through spaces in your home, office and gym, making creating a one-of-a-kind outfit for the day damn good practical. “An exceptional athleisure collection delivers it all – fit, quality, comfort and style,” he explains Universal Standard Design Manager Ramon Martin. “A great pair of leggings or a fitted bodysuit is just as important in your wardrobe as one classic t-shirt or everyday jeans.” Enough said.

Fortunately, there are several brands that knock it out of the park in this department. Below, we’ve listed 26 of our favorite athleisure brands and answered several of your most pressing questions about the trend, including how to style pieces for every occasion.

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Best for workout dresses

Outdoor voices

The workout dress

Best Yoga Athleisure Brand


Ready for the Rulu High-Rise Jogger

Best Trendy Athleisure Brand

Hi Yoga

Ace’s tennis skirt

Best Elevated Athleisure Brand

Universal Standard

Next-to-Naked Bodyshort

Best Plus Size Athleisure Brand

Dry ride

Performance Core Crop Leggings

Best Forward Athleisure Brand


Hijab 2.0 Nike Pro

Most Iconic Athleisure Brand


Adicolor Classics Firebird Primeblue training jacket

Best Adaptive Athleisure Brand


Multifunctional 3/4 sleeve adaptive top for women

Best Classic Athleisure Brand


Cropped Cut-off hoodie

Best for Ultra-Comfy Leggings


Real Me high-waisted ruched leggings

Best Colorful Athleisure Brand

Age Clothing

Go Far Fleece

Most versatile Athleisure brand


Getaway Sleeveless Romper

Best Celebrity Athleisure Brand


High-waisted PureLuxe Maternity

Best for Casual-Cool sets

FP Movement

Get ready

Best Sports Athleisure Brand

Under armor

Knockout Tank

Best Gender Neutral Athleisure Brand

Calvin Klein

Standard fleece sweatshirt with round neck

Another iconic Athleisure Brand

Reebok x Cardi B

High-Rise Tights

Most Stylish Athleisure Brand

ASOS 4505

Mid Impact Bra

Best Eco Friendly Athleisure Brand

Honey Compressive High-Rise Leggings

Made for women of color

Roam high

Ansa Top – Lemon

Another great adaptive Athleisure brand

IZ Adaptive

Game Changer Seamless Back Yoga Pants

Best for Basics


Halo Essential Hoodie

Another great inclusive Athleisure brand

Prism Scoop Bralette – Night Sky Rainbow

Best Durable Athleisure Brand


Trekkie North Crop 23” Jogger

Another great Plus Size Athleisure brand

Lola Getts

Jennifer Sweatshirt

Best for edgy, graphic prints

brand: Boys Lie

Love Is Blind sweatpants

What does athleisure mean?

The term “athleisure” was originally coined in 1979 to describe clothing and shoes designed for those who want to appear athletic. Fast forward to current times, and Merriam-Webster defines the term as “casual clothing – like yoga pants, Jogging pantsand hoodies— that’s designed to be worn both for training and for doing (almost) everything else.” Many of today’s athleisure styles are cross-functional, but keep in mind that some offerings still aren’t made with performance benefits in mind.

The trend probably took off in the 2010s, when brands like Lululemon, Nike and Adidas rolled out slim-fit clothing that shoppers began to sport both in and out of the gym. Now, athleisure is still hotter than ever, with an increasing number of brands entering the market to meet consumer demands.

How do I style athleisure?

On warmer fall days, Martin suggests pairing a short bodysuit with a sweater or button-downs, sneakers and pleated socks, adding that the top layers “can be tied around the neck or waist if it gets too hot.” In the colder months, he recommends a go-to look of leggings, a puffer jacketand a statement hat for a sleek yet playful winter outfit.

And with “tons of premium athleisure options available these days, it’s easy to achieve a polished look that’s work-appropriate,” says Martin. The key to doing business-casual is to create visual interest in your outfit, he explains. For example, consider styling a sophisticated pair of leggings with a tunic and a tailored coat. “The looser fit and length of the tunic will create a beautiful silhouette, and the tailored coat will act as an important layering piece,” he says.

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