12 Athleisure Outfits Most To Relax In (Let’s Be Real)

It is safe to assume that the term “spare time” has evolved over the past several years. Whereas before the pandemic, athleisure was more defined as regular training clothes that the transition seamlessly from the studio to the street (therefore, a little urgent or the need to change out of them immediately after a sweat session), the post-pandemic concept of athleisure has become more about comfort and less about literal exercise (thanks, lockdown!). Of course we always need it training set made for actual workouts, and we’ll never stop obsessing matching sweatsuits. But what has since emerged is our infatuation with matching athleisure sets that unashamedly borrow silhouettes from our favorite sweats but are spun in luxurious fabrics and materials for a more elevated loungewear see. Essentially, in athleisure, “leisure” has become the most important word in the catchy portmanteau.

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