I just got back from Berlin – 5 things I regret packing and 17 I wore on repeat

About three years after my last trip abroad, I finally set foot on foreign soil again, this time for a week’s trip to Berlin and Zurich. The trip itself was perfect (if you don’t count on having to deal with connections in the middle of an air travel crisis), from the candlelit French dinner I enjoyed right off Berlin’s Spree to my day trip to Dielsdorf, Switzerland, a picture book town 20 minutes outside of Zurich . My packing job? Let’s just say it had its low points.

Especially after so long away from traveling internationaland with only one hand luggage suitcase to work with, min packing skills were a little rusty. But now that it’s been a week or so since I got back, I’ve had time to consider the things I probably didn’t need, as well as the things I couldn’t have survived my seven-day trip around Europe without . Scroll on to see all the outfits I loved from my trip, while learning all about the things I could have left at home.

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