People think Balenciaga is trolling us with a $2,000 “garbage bag.”

Balenciaga‘s Fall 2022 collection has made headlines in more ways than one. Take the Balenciaga caution-tape catsuit, for example. Kim Kardashian sat in the front row at the exhibition in seewhich she could hardly walk in. Later she had to be cut out of the cat suit completely. Lizzo thereafter tried to dance on the set of an Elle UK cover shoot in the same outfit, but could only do the robot due to the movement limitation. Now the Balenciaga garbage bag has people just as confused.

Back in March, Kardashian posted a gift from creative director Demna Gvasalia on her Instagram Stories: a black bag that looked like a garbage bag, which Kardashian called “a garbage bag.” Now the design is officially available to shop – with a price tag that’s just as “strong” as the brand that popularized the original plastic trash bag. . . you know, the one used for garbage.

After that fall 2022 in March, Gvasalia told WWD: “I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to make the most expensive garbage bag in the world, because who doesn’t love a fashion scandal?”

Although the bag is not currently available to shop online, High Snobiety shared a photo from the store on Instagram and wrote, “This trash bag from Balenciaga is $1790.” The publication also revealed that the expensive “trash-bag bag” comes in three colors: black with black ties, blue with black ties and white with red ties, each made of calfskin. “Balenciaga is a meme designer,” one commenter wrote. “I have 40 of them under my sink,” commented another.

A controversial design is not entirely out of the ordinary for the design house during Gvasalia’s reign. After all, it not only produced the aforementioned caution-tape-covered catsuits, but also created them totally distressed high-top sneakers, branded leather shopping bags, platform Croc-style shoesand more.

The “Trash Pouch” by Balenciaga is clearly just another attempt by the brand to create a viral moment. And as head-scratching as it may be, it clearly works.

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