Nail technicians want us to stop making these 7 mistakes

If you feel like your DIY manicures never look as perfect as your professional ones, listen up. According to both Bamber and Tucker, not cleaning up is the biggest mistake they see among clients who have tried an at-home manicure. “It’s also one of the easiest things to avoid, but believe it or not, it still happens,” says Bamber. “Leaving stains of polish on the surrounding areas of your nails will make them look messy, and if you use gel, it will most likely cause them to lift.”

When applying polish to your nails, Bamber recommends doing a single stroke down the center of your nail to start, followed by one stroke on each side (overlapping if necessary) and avoiding getting too close to the edge of the nail. ​your nails. “It’s always better to leave a little hole than to have your skin polished,” she says. “You can even use a fine brush to go around the cuticle and sidewalls if you struggle with this,” she adds. And if you get polish on your skin? “Always make sure to clean up your nails with nail polish remover on a cotton pad as soon as possible.”

In addition, Tucker advises that overexposure of gel and polish to the skin can cause skin reactions. “I learned that the hard way and now live with the irony of being a nail artist allergic to gel polish,” she says. “It’s usually only a problem if the product is left uncured on the skin, as the compound changes as it cures in the lamp, so be super careful with your application and if you get anything on the skin, wipe it off immediately. “

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