The worst shoes for your feet, according to a doctor

While Dr. Khorramian named ballet flats as the most common shoes that cause foot-related problems, he explained that other non-supportive or painful styles are also worth avoiding. “Flip-flops can cause a lot of injuries,” he said. “Pointed shoes can also cause corns and blisters due to the lack of circulation to the toes.”

Some of the most unsupportive shoes for your feet includes classic ballet flats, flip-flops, pointed shoes and unsafe heels. So what is best ways to protect your feet? “Always buy shoes that are shock-absorbing under the soles of the feet and have adequate toe room,” Khorramian said. And if you plan to wear shoes with little support or high heels, he recommends bringing a larger bag where you can easily change into comfortable shoes. “If you must wear heels, avoid wearing them while driving, for long periods of time, and while walking.”

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