June 25, 2022

With the practical Taurus Moon housed in your emo-fourth house on Saturday, keep things simple to avoid meltdowns. Your boundaries are so porous right now that you tend to pick up the passing mood of everyone within a radius of one mile. Who wants to spend a weekend shepherding your loved ones? Not you! Schedule anything that will stress you out and relax by the pool or on Chez Aquarius instead. After the moon whizzes into Gemini in the evening, you will be well rested and eager to walk. And as Sunday rolls around, a passionate encounter between the emotionally charged moon and the amorous Venus in your romantic zone brings the flirtation forth within you. You do not have to play to win. Just enjoy the teasing and enjoy the thrill of attraction – no matter which way it flows. In a relationship? Dress for nine, and go out with your plus-one for the smartest date you can dream of on the go. An elegant dinner cruise on a riverboat would fit the bill.

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