Hi quick question: Why is fashion so obsessed with Anna Delvey?

Welcome to our column,Hi, quick question,“where we investigate seemingly random incidents in the fashion and beauty industry.

It seems like almost yesterday that Anna Delvey first came onto our radar – and not for good reasons.

As we now well know, the Delvey-slash-Sorokin story first went viral in a 2018 The cut article by Jessica Pressler. The riveting revelation described how the then 27-year-old, who posed as a German heiress, had swindled his way into the likes of Manhattan’s elite, luxuriated in the most sought-after boutique hotels, kissed on private jets and more often than not. , swindling bankers and close acquaintances out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The catch was that Delvey convinced those in her circle that she was worth millions.

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