A fall wardrobe refresh was in order, so I went straight to and other stories

Welcome to The Great Try-On. We’re gearing up for fall and that includes refreshing our wardrobes with some new pieces. We sampled some of the best fall outfits from some of your favorite brands and documented it all from our dressing rooms at home so you can see what they actually look like IRL. We hope our photos and honest reviews will help you shop for fall wardrobe builders and trend-forward pieces you’ll wear again and again this season and beyond.

We’re in the middle of fashion month, and if you’ve never lived through the hustle and bustle of going through street style photos and browsing the latest collections, buzz definitely has a way of rubbing off on you. Seeing so many fashionable people in one place has made me reevaluate my own closet and experiment a bit with fall trends. There are a few places I instantly go when I’m looking for durable, trend-forward clothing, and & Other Stories has to be one of them. Nothing about it is too out there that you can’t wear it to the office or to a fancy dinner, so it’s just the solution for clothes that will get a lot of use. I headed over to the site and settled on seven pieces that strike the middle ground between cool and practical. From Prada-esque tailored pieces to a sparkling crystal top, keep scrolling for my review of & Other Stories’ new fall drop.

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