Why the “Weird Girl Aesthetic” thrives in Amsterdam

According to designer Ronald Van Der Kamp, the eccentricity of Amsterdam’s new style wave is rooted in their culture. “The Dutch are very assertive,” he says. Although the designer did not present a physical show at Amsterdam Fashion Week, his couture collection shown in July 2022 in Paris embodied the Weird Girl look: a bow here a patchwork mini skirt made of three different substances there, one golden sleeve attached to a black dress, a model wearing geometric block shapes with jeans… If you didn’t know it was a Parisian couture show, you might think the looks were pulled from the closets of TikTok maximalists like SaraCampz or the ant magdalen. Furthermore, each outfit was constructed from dead fabrics, scraps and pieces from last season – adding to the mismatched aesthetic of Weird Girl, where it’s common to buy used or vintage pieces. “For me it’s about eccentricity. If people know who they are, they become a more sustainable person because they build a wardrobe around their personality,” he recently shared. Vogue.

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