Oh dear: One of our all-time favorite shirts is 60% off right now

That Alex Mill sale has long been one of our least favorite examples of the Mandela Effect. It’s one of those things that just feels as if it happens. “I wonder what sweet deals Alex Mill is offering right now,” you’d think to yourself, only to be reminded that no, that’s not actually a thing. It crackled poplin button-upsthe celeb lover pleated chinos, the beautiful velvet jackets – not a cut price to get. You’d scroll all over the site hoping to come across a discount hidden somewhere obscure (maybe in the FAQ section?) for those who wanted it well enough…and then you’d leave heartbroken and quickly forget your disappointment , only to cheat yourself again a week later.

But hope springs eternal. Whether it was our patience or our sheer persistence that manifested it into existence, for once the Alex Mill sale is actually here, and it’s even better than we expected: everything the brand does best – from groovy cashmere beanies to chunky work shirts – is up to a whopping 60% off. Hey, you might not have gotten exactly what you wanted last holiday season, but 2023 is off to a pretty good start. Keep scrolling to see our favorite picks from the fever dream of a sale, or check out the discounts in their entirety here.

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