Adam Driver is back on his horse

You might assume that Adam Driver is exhausted from running through your mind all day, but it’s actually because he’s still sprinting for horses – and treading water – in Burberry’s latest eau d’equestrian fantasy.

Almost exactly a year since Driver starred in an instantly viral ad campaign for Burberry creative chief Riccardo Tisci’s first fragrance for the brand, which included a commercial in which man and horse pondered their existence between land and sea, the actor returns to the coastline for another 30 -second spot to promote the new Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum.

In the ad, a driverless driver finds himself again, according to a press release, “in the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world, depicting what masculinity means today by embracing freedom of expression and the beauty of opposites – how strength can be subtle, and emotion can empower .” He swims in blue water to FKA Twigs and sings the line “I quench that thirst.” (That song, “Two Weeks,” also soundtracked last year’s commercial; Twigs is a co-ambassador for the British brand.) The host’s voice also provides some narration: “It takes courage to embrace your extraordinary.”

The fragrance, warm and woody, takes inspiration from perfumer AurĂ©lien Guichard’s memory of the Landes forest in southwestern France: “The scent of the pine needles melted with a trace of warm sand and sea spray was the aroma I wanted to recreate,” Guichard said in a Press release. “To me, the sensual and crystallized resins included in the fragrance represent the power of reconnecting with your natural instinct.” And who has more natural instinct than Adam Driver, the original man?

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