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July 4th has always been one of my favorite holidays. We go up to my family’s lake cabin in Montana every year with my extended family and we have made many memories spending time together so it has always been a magical vacation just knowing it will be family time together, upholding years-long traditions and creating new ones. Every year we do a tea party and a charcuterie board, this year I wanted to try one before we left for Montana with some of our friends and family here – it’s been on my bucket list to do a counter charcuterie board (spicy and sweet !) , so we went all out with festive drinks and a s’mores bar.

Here are some of the best hacks I found for throwing the ultimate 4th of July party. Don’t feel like you have to incorporate them all! Even just adding 1 or 2 will add a fun, festive touch to your holiday weekend.

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Hack #1: Color coordinated kitchen

To create a festive spread, I knew I wanted to stick to a red-white-and-blue color scheme for all the snacks. It made it so much easier to make it all flow together and stick to the festive 4th of July theme. I went to Sam’s Club and knew the fruit would be easy with all the red and blue berries, but I was surprised at how many other red/white/blue snacks and candies they had for the upcoming holiday – especially when it comes to ‘ such a post that I will share later. 😉

Hack #2: It’s all in the details


I always love the details at any event I attend, so I knew I wanted to include some cute, festive touches where I could. Try to use mini cutters to spell words in watermelon or cheese. We also used star cookie cutters from this set to the cheese and sprinkled them all over the 4th of July charcuterie. I had a local Utah company help me and they made the most beautiful salami roses! My aunt actually tried to teach me a few years ago at the lake, just use the rim of a glass and shift them as they put them around the rim to get the perfect round shape.

Hack #3: Star Launchers, but Cute

We made some fruit stars for the kids out of watermelon stars and blueberries for some healthy treats. They look so cute on their own, but we also added them to the red-white-and-blue drinks we made for an extra festive touch.

Hack #4: Let the festivities flow


Whether it’s kid-friendly or grown-up drinks, drinks are a great excuse to go big for the holidays. We set up a drinking table for the children, where they collected their own drinks. I set out red, white, and blue Gatorade and Sprite for the base, then set out Kool-aid ice cubes, candy canes, popsicles, licorice straws, and fresh fruit for them to get creative with.

Hack #5: Don’t skimp on sweets

My kids would eat candy all day every day if I let them, so they were in heaven when they saw this full candy spread AND the decadent s’mores bar. I’m glad my affinity for going over the top with this sort of thing earned me some points. 😉 They kept saying it was the best 4th of July post ever. 😂 We made a sweet charcuterie table with all the red, white and blue finds from Sam’s Club and it was so easy to put together. We also made a s’mores bar for our new one fire pit area and made a mix of different chocolates – milk chocolate, cookies and cream, Reese’s, Andes mints and more. The dessert boards were such a cute addition and were super popular with the whole family!

Let me know if you guys have any hacks or hosting tips that you love for the 4th of July!

Also this red top, I’m obsessed with the square neckline on it! It comes in many colors and is under $30!

Also shout out Beck & Noelle Board Co., if you are in Utah and want a large charcuterie board, or want to learn how they can help you set it up or do it all for you. I love learning and being a part of the process, but they do both!

You can also see previous holiday charcuterie boards I’ve done here.

xx, Christine

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