The 2023 Golden Globes was the year’s first vibe check for men

As an institution, the Golden Globes are many things, but as the first major awards show of the calendar year, it’s a valuable, multi-purpose litmus test: Hollywood industry watchdogs use it to predict how the rest of awards season might play out, and other industry watchdogs (like yours truly ) sees it as a useful barometer for gauging what the big formal wear trends of the year might be—which in turn might inform us about what us non-celebrities might end up wearing in the coming months.

Menswear was delightfully one of the highlights of the night – and if 2022 marked a record-breaking run for new formal wear (suits were sloppy, no shirt became the new shirtand everyone just in general blacksmith out that rule book), so now, eleven days into the new year, it looks like we’ve hit the ground running. There was even some notable fashion with the capital during the broadcast when host Jerrod Carmichael, in one of his mid-show outfit changes, slipped into a pearl vest at Bodewith designer Emily Bode’s last name visible on the bottom.

So we kicked the tires on the 2023 Golden Globes mood check and picked five trends to look out for this season:

The new classic

Since the new rule is no rules, we saw tons of exciting shapes on the carpet last night, leaving plenty of room for fun storytelling. House of Dragons actress Emma D’Arcy, who paired a magnificent tuxedo jacket with a slim column skirt worn over pants, even came prepared with a story: “The mood is like a child prodigy on the piano, and maybe the concert didn’t go well,” they told E!adding, “Nothing says nonbinary like wearing both a skirt and pants.”

Donald Glover made stepping-out-for-a-cigarette-at-the-after-party luxury in a silky YSL pajama set with an oversized tuxedo jacket, while Abbott ElementaryBest Supporting Actor winner Tyler James Williams went for streetwear matador in a trippy, cropped Amiri look.

Tyler James Williams in Amiri

Daniele Venturelli

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