I’ve seen all the 2022 IT trends at Zara – take note of these 9

If you ever want to know what trends are currently gaining the most traction, take a quick look Zara’s new arrivals will give you your answers. For many, the abundance of products can be a bit overwhelming at first glance. But as someone who checks the site for work on a daily basis, I’ve grown accustomed to navigating each page with determination and focus. Among the few thousand products, I was able to pinpoint which 2022 trends the retailer is highlighting now.

While Zara aimed at many trends, there are still a select few they focus most of their attention on. From floral accessories to saturated statement pieces, the items below will get you ready to refresh and upgrade your closet. Even better, you’ll find many choices on one price under $150. I’ve already added a few items to my cart – keep scrolling to join the shopping fun.

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