10 trendy places to shop if you are a fan of Lulus

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If you are always looking for trendy pieces at an affordable price, then you have probably come across Lulus during one of your online or in store shopping sessions. The affordable style destination founded in 1996 continues to win out portable styles you can rock regardless of occasion or season. With it is tempting to constantly browse Lulus’ new arrivals and go on unexpected shopping trips, there are plenty of similar retailers to check out. If you want to vary the brands in your closet (and impress your friends with your knowledge of trendy and affordable stores, btw), read on for new and established clothing retailers that you can integrate into your daily rotation.

Of course there are popular options like Zara and H&M, but we have also curated lesser known brands providing trendy, budget-friendly and versatile items. Whether you are looking for perfect birthday dressor have one festival or a date night on the way, you will find a look that speaks to your personality (yes, even to formal occasions like a wedding or fancy gala!) without draining your bank account. Or if you do not have a specific shopping list in mind and want to experiment with different trends such as soft girl or the pearl seeds aesthetics, these are all great places to start browsing around. These affordable stores give you the chance to try a trend before you throw yourself into it. Plus, they offer a mix of seasonal and year-round fund.

Scroll on to see our expertly selected list of retailers with an effortless, trendy vibe similar to Lulus.

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