Warm your backside with this robust little heating pad

I suppose this is a very obvious piece of equipment and I suppose there are many other brands that make these. Honestly, I’m not going to look around to find out. Because I already have what I know will be my favorite gear for the winter months ahead. The Ignite Backside Heated Pad is a little wonder. It’s a 20W heating pad powered by either one of the dozen battery packs you have lying around (requires USB-C) or a 12V car charger (again requires USB-C), with an easy-to-use control for heating and an auto – Switch off, so if you hide it in your sleeping bag and fall asleep, it won’t run all night. It’s a comfortable, dense foam pad wrapped in a soft polyester that you don’t mind getting dirty.

I’ve been testing it for the past few days watching the stars at night in my backyard and it will definitely go in the car in the winter for trips to the snow since we don’t have heated seats in our rides. Simple, amazing. Big fan. They also make a full size one, but I prefer the butt pad only as it works on a truck tailgate, a beam, a bench, whatever.

BUY $80


-Justin Housman

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