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The best Pacific Northwest cities to enjoy the art – The Bucket List Project

Pacific Northwest has a reputation for being an artistic and creative area in the country, and for good reason. Some of the best art museums in the world are here. In addition, it is home to some of them the most beautiful street artgiving everyone the chance to get in touch with their own creativity while getting inspired by the most incredible pieces in history.

These are the best Pacific Northwest cities that anyone should visit for art and culture and why they matter so much.

Why the Northwest Pacific?

Pacific Northwest is a fantastic and delicious area of ​​the country that has given people the opportunity to explore their creativity. This has encouraged several creative cities to emerge and brought out green-thinking hubs and art and technology hubs that are unlike any other. Although housing is far more expensive here, it’s worth it to be so close to some of the most impressive industries and creative on earth.

If you are considering a holiday where you enjoy the best and most art possible: these cities give you all the chance to see something fresh and compelling.


Green and white Neon Marquis sign outside Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
Portland is so artistic that it’s become a cliché at this point: but it’s still leaning into it. This city, best known for taking a walk on the greener side and its strong roots in activism, has worked hard to cultivate impressive museums that anyone would be lucky enough to visit and browse. If you can take a break from looking Portland homes for sale, walk into the Portland Art Museum! This museum is the seventh oldest in the United States and is internationally recognized for its extensive and incredible collection.


Seattle balances its identity between tech city and art city unlike any other. Although this city is full of beautiful galleries and museums, the Seattle Art Museum is by far the most popular. Located just one block away from the world-famous Pike Place Market, SAM offers an impressive collection of diverse art and collections from around the globe. The biggest push in recent years has been to show several different voices and opinions and shed light on the problems many people face in the same city.

Whether it’s incredible pieces of history or more modern art, the Pacific Northwest has one of the best art scenes in the country. Discover the best cities to enjoy the art of PNW. Click to tweet


The Glass Museum along the Thea Foss Waterway in the Pacific Northwest City of Tacoma

Just south of Seattle, Tacoma has a complicated history with its nearby city. Although often overshadowed by it, this is still a great place to get to see the art. In fact, Tacoma has more unique and interesting exhibits that you could not find elsewhere, such as. the glass museum. This amazing space has glass art from around the world displayed beautifully: and even has its own glassblowing exhibition where you can watch the pieces being created in real time. This is a great exhibit for everyone to stop by and gives you the chance to see art being made in real time.

PNW has something for everyone

Whether you want impressionistic paintings or you are more interested in sculpture and figurines, it is a good idea to consider taking a trip to the Pacific Northwest. Every piece you find here will be more incredible than the last and you will go eager to return again.

But what do you think are the best Pacific Northwest cities to enjoy the art of? Is there a particular city or museum that you definitely feel is a bucket list destination for art lovers? Tell us in the comments below!

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