Top 10 work destinations for adventurers

You may not be ready to become a full digital nomad, but the increased freedom of teleworking means you can easily turn a beach hammock into your office for the day. Combining work and vacation time is a smart way to extend your stay at a destination that benefits both you and the locals. Several places are creating co-working spots, increasing wifi and changing legislation to attract teleworkers.

To help, we’ve put together ten destinations that are already ahead of the game in terms of fast internet access, comfortable work areas, welcoming people and the stability you need to stay productive. We have of course covered the holiday part. A small group trip puts all logistics, planning and accommodation in our skilled hands, so you can actually enjoy your holiday. All you have to do is grab your laptop bag and go!

1: Caye Caulker, Belize

Belize is one of many sunny destinations welcome to remote workers. On the adventure side, you can join Belize City and set out to explore Mayan ruins, a baboon sanctuary and ancient caves before boarding a ferry to Caye Caulker. After a few days as your guide, you will be ready to set up shop with genuine swaying palms as your Zoom background.

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2: Antigua, Guatemala

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Ready for a bigger adventure that will get you ready for success as soon as it’s done? Hop on a trip that will immerse you in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala before landing in candy-colored Antigua. It’s a popular telecommuting hub full of friendly faces, solid internet and cool shared workspaces. Plus, there’s a volcano!

Join the adventure at: Mayan Sun Southbound: Boat trips and ruins

3: Amalfi Coast, Italy

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One of the best ways to really get to know a place and its people is to live with them. Even better if the place is filled with lemon groves, charming hilltop towns and the most delicious pizza available. At our Local Living experience, you unpack once at an agriturismo to adjust to the pace of Italian coastal life. Stay up to date with emails (if you must) between farm meals, ferry trips and hikes overlooking the Mediterranean.

Join the adventure at: Local Living Italy – Amalfi Coast

4: San Francisco, USA

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Do you feel sluggish at work? Try pumping fresh blood to your brain on an active nature-filled adventure. You can reach new heights by letting us introduce you to the massive monoliths, colossal trees and shining stars of California National Parks. When you reach the tech worker wonderland of San Francisco, you will be full of bright ideas and renewed action.

Join the adventure at: Hiking in Sequoia, Kings Canyon and Yosemite

5: Cape Town, South Africa

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Get lost on an epic adventure that starts at Victoria Falls and takes you on bush hikes, wildlife safaris and desert excursions before landing in Cape Town. Getting back into everyday life after tracking “the big five” and exploring giant dunes is made easier by terraces with good wifi and nearby beaches to roam around. One is even covered in African penguins!

Join the adventure at: Dunes, Deltas & Falls Discoverer

6: Tamarindo, Costa Rica

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Thanks to a new law that allows teleworkers to stay for a year, Costa Rica is a digital nomadic paradise. To explore this gem of biodiversity, join San José and head out to Tortuguero, Arenal Volcano, Monteverde and Manuel Antonio Park. With your heart full of observations of monkeys and sloths, you can head past Tamarindo to surf the waves and the web to work.

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7: Bali, Indonesia

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Are you looking for a better work-life balance? Indonesia is idyllic for both wellness seekers and workers. You can start by concentrating on rejuvenating activities by the sea, eating healthy organic food, soaking in holy water, and sitting quietly by the temples. When it’s time to connect again, you can impress your colleagues with your newfound serenity.

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8: Tenerife, Spain

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Whether you do it before or after working from sunny Tenerife, we can not imagine anything more satisfying than mussel shelling of your laptop to sail around the Canary Islands. Embark on one of our skipper yachts in San Miguel Marina to try your hand at sailing, look for local humpback whales and snorkel in crystal blue water.

Join the adventure at: Sailing in the Canary Islands

9: Lima, Peru

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For those driven by gastronomic adventures, Peruvian cuisine is consistently at the top among food lovers around the world. You can put in a good day’s work (powered by Peruvian coffee) and fill up with ceviche and Pisco Sours at night. When it’s time to remedy it, we’ll meet you in Cusco to tackle the rewarding and historic Inca Trail.

Join the adventure at: Hiking on the Inca Trail: 4D / 3N

10: Reykjavik, Iceland

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Iceland’s capital is an ideal base as it is full of places to work and an easy starting point for excursions. If you can pull yourself out of the blue lagoon long enough, you can hop on a plane to Egilsstaðir. There you will sleep in the fishing village of Borgarfjörður for daily walks to grove colonies, smoking lava fields and black sandy beaches.

Join the adventure at: Hiking in eastern Iceland

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