Speaking of Hot, Here’s Your New Car Camper Love, Renault Le Car Van

I do not speak much French and I read even less, so I can not tell you very much about what this ad says, but I will do my best to translate: “Buy this little car / van because it’s the prettiest motorhome you can get. For heck with your covered Sprinters and your Tacomas with motorhome shells. “

Or something like that, I’m sure.

This rare beauty is a Renault 5 Le Car Van. Yes, “Le Car Van.” Laugh out loud. Only 450 of these were ever built by the French bodybuilder Heuliez. It is a Renault 5 Le Car with the hatch slightly enlarged and replaced with plastic panels that incorporated the small bubble window. It came in 2- or 4-seater options, where each van was layered with a rich red shag rug.

This is an auction find with an estimated value of 22k to 28k in euros.

See the entire Le Car Van right here.

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