Ski mountaineer Hilaree Nelson missing after falling into the Manaslu crevasse

Tireless American ski mountaineer Hilary Nelson, 49, has been reported missing after attempting to ski down from the 26,781-foot summit in Nepal’s Manaslu with his partner Jim Morrison on Monday morning. Morrison was able to ski down to a lower base camp.

Guides with Shangri-La Treks, who worked with Nelson and Morrison, reported that she fell just minutes after starting to ski down from the summit. Reports suggest she lost a ski and then tumbled out of sight into a massive vertical crevasse.


It is unknown if Nelson survived the fall.


Bad weather grounded any helicopter relief flights on Monday, and a representative for the guide service says it is a three-day trip to reach the area Nelson was last seen.

That same morning, an avalanche elsewhere on the mountain killed one climber and trapped a dozen others.

More as this story develops.

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