5 climate-conscious trips with low power that you can take in 2022

As the world’s largest CO2-neutral travel company, we are always looking for new ways to reduce emissions (you can pull up a chair and read our entire CO2 management strategy, if it tickles you). This year we have renewed many of our trips to make them even more climate conscious.

All Intrepids 1000+ trips around the world are CO2 compensated. Which is a great place to start. But the best way to help the planet while traveling is to minimize your footprint in the first place. This means fewer domestic flights (or preferably none at all), plenty of public transport, good old-fashioned walking (or cycling) and eat plant-based meals (and less meat in general) where we can.

If you are looking for a climate-conscious journey with low impact this year, here are five of our absolute favorites.

Trade in aircraft for trains in Vietnam

Our 13-day Vietnam family vacation proves that it is possible to take the children abroad without burdening carbon-heavy travel. We have actually removed an internal flight from this trip, between Hanoi and Hoi An. Instead, take an overnight train, which runs all the way along the coast. Much more fun. We have also included plenty of zero-emission bike transportation in the major cities, plus a special dinner at KOTO, a non-profit restaurant that offers hospitality careers for disadvantaged youth in Vietnam. This trip is a good reminder that small footprints can still have a big impact.

Go full digital detox on the Larapinta Trail in Australia

All ours hiking and walking routes is low emission by nature (the clue is in the title), but they Larapinta stone takes climate-conscious hiking to the next level. It is one of the most famous, most beautiful and most remote hikes in several days in Australia, which means it is also off-grid. When it comes to limiting your footprint, off-grid equalization strikes every time. Aside from your flights to and from the Trail, this itinerary is almost completely human-driven. You will spend your days hiking and swimming, and your nights camping in swags under star-filled desert skies.

Drive to Egypt’s historic Abu Simbel

When we sat down to refresh our popular 12-day Egypt Adventure Trip, we decided to take the plane between Aswan and Abu Simbel. Not only did this significantly reduce the footprint of the trip, but once you had included check-in, luggage collection and the search for airport snacks, it was actually just as fast to drive. This is a great trip to see Egypt from the surface of the earth: you travel on boats down the Nile, have dinner with a Nubian family near Aswan and drive the dusty highways from A to B. It is also a good reminder that flight is t always faster.

Stay in community-owned cottages in the Peruvian Amazon

One thing we have learned over the years: community-owned residences are better. When traveling, it is usually a good idea to make a conscious effort to keep your tourist money in the hands of the locals (which is why we hire local guides on all our Intrepid trips). We also live in locally owned accommodation where possible, including the epic Posada Amazonas, located on the side of the Tambopata River, deep in the Peruvian Amazon. This is an incredibly community owned lodge, owned by the native Ese Eja people and you will stay there for two nights at our Premium Peru trip.

Hike the lesser known places in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon may not be the destination you think of when you think of “under-tourism”, but there is so much more to explore here than the fabled South Rim. On our 5-day hiking adventure, we will visit some of the lesser known places in the Grand Canyon – the parts most travelers never get to see. The North Rim, for example, gets about 10% of visitors in its southern counterpart. By seeking out rarely visited trails, and walking as much as possible, we can reduce our impact on the local environment and ensure that other places benefit from tourism. When it comes to more climate-conscious tourism, it is often the best way to go on the smaller journey – sometimes literally.

Want to read more about Intrepid carbon management strategy? We have it all online.

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