Jeep’s all-electric off-roader ‘Recon’ will debut in the US in 2024

Removable doors. Electric foldable roof terrace. E-locking differentials. Undercarriage protection. Large AT tires. Jeep nameplate. Ah, a new Wrangler must be on the horizon, you might be thinking.


This is the Jeep Recon, one of two all-electric Jeeps set to hit the US market for the 2024 model year, which would typically mean availability in the late fall of 2023. The other is a more street-oriented Wagoneer S. We’ll ignore that one for now.


Jeep hasn’t said much about the Recon’s battery, range, price or overall powertrain yet. We can assume twin engines for four-wheel drive. Not sure how a locked differential works on a twin motor EV, but we’ll see when it arrives. So far we have some computer renderings and a lot of engagement. The brand’s plug-in electric Wrangler 4xe has been a success for the brand so far, and was probably a toe dipped into the EV world.

The Recon will only come as an electric vehicle, that much we know.

Further details follow, etc.

Photos: Jeep

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