District Vision will sell you a Titanium Touring Bike that costs $30k

Money is relative anyway, right? Most decent full suspension mountain bikes will run you at least $3,000 at this point. Lots of carbon gravel bikes with electronic shifting on my LBS for $10k. I recently took a bunch of spins on an $11k Moots titanium bike.

Seems like a bargain now!

Because District Vision, a boutique apparel and sports spec designer in California recently released the mother of all “is this a joke?” customized bicycle constructions. I assume it’s a one-off, but it’s not clear from the website. A $30,000 custom titanium tourer.

What is clear is that this thing is a *beauty*. Which it certainly better be. Titanium pretty much everything. SRAM AXS groupset as you would expect (no, demand). Custom Dyneema frame bags. A Brooks saddle. Titanium water bottles, it appears.

I put it in my cart, just for fun. This is what it looks like:

For a brief moment, the price of this bike made me start adding up the total cost of the bikes I’ve bought over the years to compare, and well, I don’t recommend you do that!

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