15 Continue with the essentials that you can take on each flight

2. Noise-reducing headphones

Getting on a flight is a gamble. Noise-canceling headphones are essential for listening to music, watching movies or drowning out the noise around you. Even though we are seasoned travelers, I still worry about seating arrangements. Will it be a screaming baby or a child kicking my chair? (All my friends have kids, so I’m trying to learn to be patient, but it’s hard.)

Bose QuietComfort Headphones II are incredible and much better than earplugs! They are compact, have 6 hours of battery life and have the best noise reduction technology. Not only are there different noise-canceling modes, but every time you put them on, it chimes to learn the shape of your ear canal. It uses this data to optimize the sound just for you.

It’s perfect for airplane travel, but we also use them when we’re adventuring locally, working out, or want to listen to different music while we work.

Note: The QuietComfort Headphones II is $50 off from the 24th-29th. November 2022.

Pro tip: If you plan to watch any of the in-flight movies, bring a pair of wired headphones as well. You can make one DIY Cord Taco holder to keep them organized.

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