California’s snowpack has reached absurd levels

Since Christmas there have been only 3 or 4 days without rain in much of California. And not just rain, but torrential rain. You’ve probably seen floods and mudslides in the news. For many people, it has been a disaster that is likely to become more and more common in the coming decades.

But enough bad news – have you seen the snowpack? The first few storms that hit in late December and earlier this month were quite warm, so snow levels remained well above 7,000 feet. But each successive storm dumped feet of snow, and they just kept coming.

Of yesterday, the level of snowpack in the Sierra Nevada had reached 250% of normal. 250%! It doesn’t matter where you go, if it snows there, it’s buried. Northern California is about 200% of normal, Tahoe is about 250%, and the southern Sierra has readings that are close to 300%.

Will this make Californians feel better later this summer when it hasn’t rained in nine months? Who knows? But god look at this picture. California probably has the deepest snowpack on the planet right now.

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