Get jealous of the overwhelming Instagram set with this Suzuki Jimny

Unfortunately, you can not get the new Jimnys in the US, but this puppy is already legal on the road and track (at least in Washington) and is ready for its full-on overpowering glow-up. Everyone on Instagram and car geeks everywhere will chase you to check this thing out because: 1) Jimny 2) right-hand drive 3) 5-speed manual transmission. It even has a rare 3-cylinder engine. It’s catnip for vibehounds. These mighty mites are so light that they will crawl over things that jeeps will struggle to climb, and they look cute like a button while doing so.

It’s live at Bring a trailer for a few more days, with current bids of around $ 6,000. No idea what it will climb up to – must think $ 12k-ish will nip it.

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