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For when you’ve had enough of the beach and would rather brunchine and smash

It’s no secret Byron Bayy is one of the most beloved coastal destinations in the whole Australia. It has golden sandy beaches that stretch for days.

Versatile waves to suit the very best of surfers and those just starting out. Trendy shops full of linen and earth tones. Studios offering sunrise meditation and yoga. And restaurants that promise the freshest local produce while also catering to different dietary needs.

It is true. At Byron Bay, foodies have pretty much hit the jackpot. From restaurants that specialize in serving seafood straight out of the sea to world-class dining, you simply can’t get anywhere else; this beach community knows exactly how to dish it up. So when you’re done exploring and need to refuel your body, try one of these top Byron Bay restaurants. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

A plate meal.

If there’s only one restaurant you go to in Byron Bay, make sure it’s the Three Blue Ducks. An idea born out of the passion for ethical and authentic food, this Byron Bay establishment is one of six restaurants hatched by a group of six friends who all share the same vision: to combine sustainable cooking with lots of love .

With a menu boasting dishes such as roasted cabbage accompanied by smoked tomato butter and crispy pork skin and curried yellow clams with coconut and lemongrass, this farm-to-table culinary experience will leave your stomach and soul feeling satisfied.

A plate full of curry samples, rice, green garnish and naan bread.

Want a break from all the seafood and avocado on toast? Step into Daughter in Law, the third installment of restaurateur Jessi Singh, for beachside cocktails and curry. Priding itself on offering ‘inauthentic Australian Indian’ cuisine, this vibrant venue delivers on grand ambience and even more so when it comes to flavour.

Whether you want to try the ‘lucky balls’ (traditional Indian street food), tuck into some tandoori chicken or munch on a market fish coconut curry with a side of onion salad and aged basmati rice, there’s guaranteed to be something to please absolutely everyone. Pro tip – don’t leave without trying the Gulab Jamun (sweet milk doughnuts). You will never forgive yourself otherwise.


3. Barrio

A flat layer of several colorful dishes, including squid.

While the rest of Byron Bay may have a laid-back feel, Barrio, located in the Habitat Community Development, promises a world-class dining experience that will have your taste buds singing its praises for weeks to come. This modern but industrialized restaurant offers a “home away from home”, featuring dishes made with local and ethically sourced ingredients from the rainbow trout cooked over glowing coals to the ricotta and pine nut cannelloni.

Prices can be a bit steep if you’re after a casual meal – average meals start at AUD$40 – but Barrio is one of the best Byron Bay restaurants to connect with loved ones, share memories of your travels and travel a toast to all the adventures that still await.

A group of colorfully arranged meals.

Calling all the plant-based foodies out there; this Byron Bay restaurant is for you. Priding themselves on their all-plant-based menu, Elixiba takes dining to a whole other level by making sure your thirst is properly quenched along with your hunger with an Alchemy Bar that serves up killer cocktails with active botanical ingredients.

As if that wasn’t enough to get you through the door, their mantra of ‘peace, plants and positivity’ certainly will, especially when their menu is bursting with dishes like a jackfruit Caesar salad and raw kimchi dumplings. Wash your meals down with a pink flamingo (a grapefruit, cranberry and tequila concoction) or a cold coffee martini for a night you’ll never forget…or will it be a night you won’t remember?


Outdoor seating by the water at Beach Byron Bay.

Fancy a long lunch by the water? Or a romantic dinner lit by candlelight while listening to the sound of waves gently lapping against the shore? Beach Byron Bay is that place to go if you answered yes to both questions. Overlooking Clarkes Beach, this sophisticated venue promises some of the best views in all of Byron Bay with a menu to match.

Beach Byron Bay celebrates the tastiest seasonal and regional produce that the Northern Rivers region has to offer, providing guests with snack options such as sweet and sour smoked beetroot and salt-baked celeriac and larger dishes such as Tropical Painted Crayfish and Wagyu Sirloin.

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, Beach Byron Bay also has a kiosk serving healthy lunch options for a quick meal after a surf or swim, as well as providing the perfect spot for a quick coffee meeting with friends.

A flat layer of several plates of food.

Treat your taste buds to a culinary experience they’ll never stop thanking you for at Light Years, a cozy, lively restaurant specializing in contemporary Asian dining. This atmospheric eatery, which first preheated its stove and opened its doors in 2017, has quickly risen to the top of the ranks when it comes to the best places for a night out in Byron Bay.

With a menu of kingfish ceviche and turmeric and coconut cauliflower curry, a cocktail list frothing with sweet and spicy creations, and decor that’s both distinctive and loads of fun to be in, you’ll keep coming back for light years repeatedly.


People enjoying the balcony at Balcony Bay & Oyster Co.

You simply cannot go to Byron Bay and not stop for an oyster or twelve at Balcony Bar & Oyster Co – it would be soo u-Byron of you. Perched above bustling Lawson Street, spend your time watching, eating the freshest seafood and other locally sourced ingredients this region has to offer, and enjoying a crafty cocktail sure to make you feel comfortable in no time.

And of course there are oysters. Choose to have them either natural or baked with fermented chili, macadamia and lime butter for a flavorful twist in a serving size of 3, 6 or 12. Happy slurping!

A small portion of calamari accompanied by a lemon slice and some garnish.

Stealing our hearts with their planet-first ethos and delicious vegan food, No Bones has quickly become one of the best restaurants in Byron Bay to flock to when you need a little (or a lot) of plant-based sustenance. Dedicated to going 100% carbon neutral this year and using as much Australian-grown produce as possible, this coastal eatery specializes in sharing plates so you can try a bit of everything.

From beetroot tartar with horseradish cream and capers to tempeh parmigiana with a side of potatoes and fennel and cabbage slaw, you can make sure your stomach gets exactly what it wants at No Bones. They even have Taco Tuesdays (who can say no to that?) and Sunday sessions so you can eat and sip and sip and eat to your heart’s content.

A heaping plate of food with lemon squeezed over it.

If you want your holiday to go off with a bang, then a visit to one of Byron Bay’s newest Asian fusion restaurants, Bang Bang, should be high on your priority list. With an open kitchen so you can watch your meals being prepared (and drool profusely until they arrive at your table), a rustic interior with delicious greens for decoration and a menu full of ‘little bangs’ (snack-like options) and ‘big bangs’ (full size meals), this Byron institution knows how to please its guests.

Whether you want to try some of the braised beef massaman curry, dip your spoon into a bowl of Bangkok fried rice or quench your thirst with a ‘harvest moon’ (a lemongrass and kafir lime leaf concoction) or a ‘yuzu dragon’ (a creative combination of yuzu sake, pisco, dark rum and kiwi).

No matter where you choose to eat, one thing is for sure – you will never go hungry in Byron Bay.


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